Rogue (Weapon Set)
Weapon Info
Kanji ローグ
Romaji Rōgu
VRMMORPG End War Online
Weapon Type Machine Pistol and Blade sidearm Weapon Set
Soul Catalyst (Faust Personal and Nebula-Type variants)
Obtained/Made By Player-made

The Rogue weapon set is one of two weapon sets used by Ryuga Gentoku in End War Online. It consists of a modular Machine-pistol weapon featuring a separated barrel with an integrated knife bayonet and custom-made stock; the latter two components can combine to form a knife-like weapon. A mass production variant exists within Ryuga's organization, supplied to each individual if they do not wish to use the Stalk weapon set.


The Rogue machine pistol is a VBR-Belgium PDW chambered in 9x19mm. It features custom night sights, a stock-attachment point in place of the folding stock, a threaded rifled barrel, and a 20-round magazine. The other component of the set is a custom muzzle break/barrel shroud incorporating an integrated knife blade and extra ports that allow it to combine with the custom-made stock to form a knife weapon. It can be equipped with incendiary, cryogenic, and anti-demon ammunition, in addition to standard 9mm rounds.

Proto Rogue Model

Himuro Katsuragi carries with him the prototype of the Rogue set. This set features an "unfinished" aesthetic, featuring exposed components covered in a clear polymer casing and a hazard-striped design all across the pistol and blade sidearm.

Faust Personal Model

Ryuga's personal Rogue set features a color scheme similar to Ryuga himself. The pistol is black and dark grey, with thin red and green lines resembling exposed wires running throughout. It uses an extended magazine holding 33 rounds, Anima-powered night sights with a fiber-optic front sight, and additional performance enhancements done by Ryuga himself. Ryuga's model has been made into a Soul Catalyst for Anima Infusion, enhancing projectiles greatly with an Anima shell for increased penetration power or explosive properties.

Mass Production Model

This version of the Rogue weapon set is a simplified version of Ryuga's personal set has. Each MP Model comes with 20-round magazines and a black color scheme with silver overlays and red on the knife-barrel extension. All of the Mass Production units are compatible with each other, regardless of the owners of the sets.

Nebula-Type Upgrade Prototype

A prototype upgrade to the base Rogue set used by Washio Katsuragi. This version features a purple body rather with a gold overlay and turquoise gear designs. The knife-barrel remains the same as before, but it features a turquoise coloring on the knife barrel and a purple/gold color scheme. It features a slot capable of accepting Anima Redistribution Mechanisms to further enhance projectile damage for one shot or provided even more unique projectile characteristics without the need to heavily concentrate on attributes or to trick the opponent into thinking the projectile will behave differently than expected.


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