Hajime is the possesor of the Unique skill Riposte. The skill trades HP for damage, meaning the more Shadow gets damaged, the higher his strikes will hurt. (Maximum HP - remaining HP / 2) As a damage dealer none is reknown to be able to hit as strong as him. The downside of the skill is that it is impossible for him to have skills like battle healing and he has to take damage to get it to be stronger. The skill was awarded to the Character with less HP in the game. As a lvl 90 player, is HP is only 14K compared to others, who are close 18.5k. When activated, a black-ish aura engulf his weapon, making it harder to guess the lenght of it, and what the weapon is. Usualy if Hajime faces enemes he isn't sure, he will always activate it even before drawing his blade, so his oponent has to guess the lenght of his weapon. This skill was also another reason why Hajime went totaly for speed over strenght. He wanted to be able to strike as fast as possible when he gets heavily damaged.

Darkness Takes Over 01 KHBBS

The darkness over his weapon is the same as coming out of the guy

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