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"The Fighting Irishman"
Ichigo by DarkSfisher7
Personal Info
Name Riley MacKenna
Kanji ライリーマッケナ
Birthday 17th March
Age 20 (18 pre-SAO)
Gender Male
Height 181 cm (5'11")
Weight 66 kg (145 lbs.)
Eyes Brown
Hair Orange
Place of Residence Corr na Móna, County Galway, Ireland
Occupation Student
Rugby Coach
Marital Status Single
Family Séamus MacKenna - Younger Brother.
Player Profile
Display Name RileyMac2004
Kanji ライリーマック2004
Romanji RairīMakku2004
Epithet "Red" or "Mac" (to his friends)
"The Fighting Irishman" (general players)
"FOOL!" (Jo only)
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Guild Leader
Affiliation The Golden Lions
Partner Jocelyne D’Arcy
Base of Operations The Lion's Den Pub - 26th Floor, Farestone Village.
Status Active
Primary Skill Zanbatō
Unique Skill Soul Flash

Riley MacKenna (ライリーマッケナ, Rairī Makkena), better known as "The Fighting Irishman", is the Guild Leader of the Golden Lions, and the main protagonist of Sword Art Online: Blood, Sweat and Fears. More of an athlete and not really the gamer type, he logged onto SAO wanting to spend more time with his oldest and best friend Jocelyne D’Arcy, who now lives in Japan and loves MMOs. When the 'Death Game' started he kept a cool head and a strong will to survive. Being a natural leader, it wasn't long before he and Jo were joined by others and formed a guild. His username, RileyMac2004, is very unoriginal, basically his name and year of birth, as he is not a regular player of video games, he didn't think it was important. His guild-mates call him Red or Mac..


Reality / Sword Art Online:

Riley MacKenna 4Riley MacKenna 2

Mac is a relatively tall, young man with a toned physique and spiky orange hair. 18 at the beginning of the SAO incident, during the two year interval his hair grows longer in reality and once free of the death game, he still keeps it longer than it was beforehand.

Mac (1)Post dangai ichigo colored by leatelamon-d4m6kju

Sword Art Online Avatar:

Shiba Kaien by Majo9494

A slightly older looking version of himself, only with longer, black hair. Jo jokingly speculates that he did it to be more like her, his "idol", but he was just curious about what he would look like with black hair, so he made it like that.


Super competitive. Courageous. A natural leader. 


  • In his last year of high school.
  • Coaches an Under 12s Rugby Team.
  • Quite the athlete himself.
  • Has been friends with Jo since they were 3.


Sword Art Online




Jocelyne D’Arcy


Séamus MacKenna



The Golden Lions

Jocelyne D’Arcy

César Martínez

Alexandra Atwood

Akihiko Yamamoto


Golden-Lions-coat-of-arms 7ce00ccd8f17c1de42ee580bfe2a14f0

Team Firestorm

Jet Morrison

Winter Rush

Bleach kurosaki ichigo bandana hitsugaya toshiro abarai renji anime boys braids white hair orange ha 75


Sword Art Online

  • Level: 87
  • HP: 15232

Main Equipment


One Handed Curved Blade Dagger Zanbatō Fabric Equipment Parry
923 / 1000
764 / 1000
658 / 1000
922 / 1000
891 / 1000
Stamina Battle Healing Tracking Pursuit Sneaking
724 / 1000
832 / 1000
713 / 1000
867 / 1000
Soul Flash Rally Party
856 / 1000
694 / 1000
Mac has focused his skill leveling on fighting longer and harder, abandoning defense to increase his offensive skills. Learning that that Zanbatō weapons are some of the most powerful in the game, and to unlock the Zanbatō Skill a player needed a One / Two Handed Curved Blade Skill of at least level 700. He used One Handed Curved Blades for almost 8 months before reaching the prerequisite level. By battling relentlessly against all manner of monsters, he quickly increased his Stamina Skill, which allows him to farm experience for longer periods of time before having to retreat. He also increased his enemy finding and stealth abilities, enabling him to sneak up on monsters and achieve the First-Strike Bonus to hopefully destroy the beast in one hit. His final skill was suggested to him by Jo, the Rally Party Skill gives a Power, Defense, and Health increase to every member of Mac's party if fighting in the same vicinity, and if any party member's health goes into the red the power and defense bonuses double for a short period of time.

One Handed Curved Blade

  • Reaver - (1-hit strike) A basic sword skill.
  • Fell Crescent - (1-hit strike) A high-class charge-type sword skill that delivers a downward blow and covers a distance of 4 meters in 0.4 seconds.

Unarmed Skills

  • Martial Arts - Unarmed fighting techniques.
    • Flash Hit - A basic skill that allows the user to deliver a quick blow to an enemy. If taken by surprise, the enemy may be staggered.
  • Minimal Side Step Defense - A defensive skill that simply involves an evading side-step. It has higher counterattack speed than parry or block, but it involves greater risks if it fails.

Notable Achievements



  • Etymology of Names:
    • RILEY is of Irish origin, it means "Fiery, Courageous".
    • MACKENNA is also of Irish origin, meaning "Fire-Sprung".
    • So his name roughly translates to "Courage Born of Fire".
  • He can speak and read a small amount of Japanese, as taught by Jo.
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