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The Fortress City
Location Info
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Aincrad (21st Floor)
Type City
It was with a touch of bitterness that Rapha reflected on the knowledge that the use of such walls as a defense relied upon the assumption that one was located behind them.

Resolute is a large settlement in Sword Art Online. Located to the northern edge, it is the second largest city on Aincrad's 21st floor and is collectively referred to as The Fortress City.

This city is the base of operations for the clearing guild Legends Lost for the majority of the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


Resolute is built within Mount Carrick, located in the northern Aldrich mountain range. The entrance to the sprawling city is located on the southern face of the mountain. A small sector just beyond the entrance, but still without the mountain, is used as training grounds for the city guard. The city proper consists of multiple layers, the first of which encountered past the entrance is one of two Merchant quarters: the Jade quarter. The wares sold here, while expensive, are of some of the floor's best quality. Above that, closest to the surface, is the Paini quarter, which is occupied by the nobility, players with too much coin, and is the seat of the city's guard. Below that is the Sunstone quarter, containing a second collection of merchants whose wares, while much cheaper, are of notably lesser quality, and the homes of upper middle class citizens. After that is the Nephel quarter, containing the lower middle class and working poor citizens of Resolute. The final level is the Jasper quarter, which leads to the Bainite Mines, a large dungeon for players, and a place of work for NPCs.

Transportation between levels is done via an elevator located in the center of the city. Movement between the Jade quarter and the Jasper quarter is free, but any non-resident must pay a fee to travel to the Paini quarter.

There are a small number of homes in the Paini quarter available as a reward for the quest «What Discipline Achieves», including Berylrouge. Residences are first come, first served.

Notable locations

  • Berylrouge - Legends Lost guild home - Paini Quarter)
  • Osmun's smithy (NPC-run- Jade Quarter)
  • Musgrave's Jewelers (NPC-run - Jade Quarter) 
  • Taffe Tavern - Nephel Quarter
  • Bainite Mines - Jasper Quarter


Misfortune Made Her Sword



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