Recusant's Seeker
Rec Seeker
Boss Info
Kanji 反抗的なのシーカー
Romaji Hankō-tekina no shīkā
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Quest Unknown
Status Defeated

The Recusant's Seeker is a secret boss in a dungeon on floor 50.


As an item, The Recusant's Seeker appears as a rare black armor, said to block most skills, and sells for 1,000,000 Col. Upon being activated as a boss, it takes the form of a robust man fully clad in pitch-black armor and a rustic helmet with a thinly carved slit displaying the ghastly glow of his eyes..




The Recusant's Seeker has three main attack abilities: an attack from below, an attack from the front, and one that approaches on the ground in front of a player to drain all but 1 HP. All of these attacks can be avoided by dodging. To avoid the attack from below, Melzez deduced that it's wiser to keep moving until the big shadowy circle appears at one's feet, then wait about a second and dodge right before the attack sends out its "tentacles". It only possesses four "skills".

  • Wild Arcanum: Six-hit combo.
  • Poison Arrow: The Recusant's Seeker releases a spray of fast-traveling homing particles toward the player; each hit inflicts Poison with a duration of ten seconds. Some of them stay suspended in the air near the Coat.
  • Scissor Bite: This attack has two variants: "horizontal", in which the Recusant's Seeker shoots a clawed hand at a player; and "vertical", in which the clawed hand springs up from beneath the player with little warning.
  • Shadow Steal: Quickly shoots a red line across the ground; if the player is unable to block or dodge in time, he is projected and reduced to 1 HP. If the Coat follows by Wild Arcanum or Scissor Bite, the player will certainly be defeated.

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