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Guild Info
Name The Reapers
Kanji リーパーズ
Romanji Rīpāzu
Epithet Death's Enforcers
VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online
Members Grimm
Main Focus Eliminating Player Killers
Base of Operations None
Status Disbanded

The Reapers are a small and secluded group in Sword Art Online. The guild is unique in that it has both its own weapon and skill, being the scythe, Corvus, and the skill Death Scythe.


The Reapers was founded by a player known only as Crow, who was the first holder of Corvus, as well as the signature skill, Death Scythe. This man was eventually killed, but not before he passed on leadership to Grimm, who now bears Corvus and Death Scythe, and leads The Reapers.

The Reapers are unique in that the leader always carries the scythe Corvus, and always bears the skill Death Scythe. These two things are passed down from leaders to the next.

The goal of The Reapers is simple: kill all player killers they can find. The Reapers actively seek out those who maliciously murder other players and eliminate them. They are widely known for their ability to hunt down and wipe out entire groups of player killers with ease, providing a great deterrent for would-be player killers. The Reapers will only kill players who have already killed others, and do not actively hunt those who commit other crimes.

Although all Reapers can be called such, only the leader is really called a Reaper throughout the guild, being referred to as The Reaper.

There are estimated to be around just 20 members in the guild.

Even after they disbanded, some former members continued to hunt player killers.

Notable Members

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