Razgriz was the personal weapon of Lord Knight Falken in the lore of End War Online.


Razgriz was the personal weapon forged exclusively for Falken by a good friend of his, who was a Rythulian weaponsmith. He used this blade during his distinguished career as a Royal Knight of Alteia and afterwards as a Lord Knight. The blade gained just as much of a reputation as its owner, becoming synonymous with the skill and strength of the knight who wielded it, carving its way through countless battles and trials. The weapon, as it forged by a Rythulian master craftsman, was an incredibly powerful soul catalyst, and was considered the most powerful weapon in the kingdom in combination with its wielder. The blade served Falken until his death at the hands of Void, where it was lost forever, along with its master.


Razgriz is a large, black bladed and chrome edged greatsword with a standard two pronged crossguard with a bird wing design as well as an expanded edge on the tip of the blade. The blade is forged from extremely rare metal known as Aethecite, which was renown for never losing its edge and being practically indestructible. Despite being clearly designed to be wielded with two hands, it was single-wielded by Falken with a terrifying degree of speed and skill.