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Razer (Kenji)
Weapon Info
Kanji レイザー
Romaji Reiza
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Type One-handed Curved Sword
Obtained/Made By Player-made

«Razer» (レイザー) was a unique one-handed curved sword forged by Akiye for Kenji Hiroshi's use on the 31st of December 2022, which could be enhanced upwards of 20 times.[1]


The forging of «Razer» was the natural progression of Kenji's weaponry and culmination of his first three primary weapons since Sword Art Online began, and was created on the morning of December 31st 2022.[2] By the time «Brightscale» explored the «Dead Woods Mausoleum» Kenji had resolved to obtain a stronger weapon.[3] «Razer» was forged by Akiye Tanaka using an ingot from Kenji's «Scimitar» +8 as the core, materials from his «Pale Edge» +4, and additional materials from his initial «Bronze Sabre».[1] Already highly attached to the «Bronze Sabre», Kenji concluded that «Razer» held its "soul", itself a popular belief held by the player-base during the beta for those who grew attached to their weapons.[4]


«Razer» was a one-handed curved sword with the hilt of a katana and a long, thick blade that ended with a curved, massive tip. Kenji noted that the weighted tip allowed the weapon to more easily cut through armour.[1]


The individual stats attached to «Razer», although not completely known, ensured it was a high-end weapon and well-beyond anything available to the front-runners at the time of its forging,[1] with perhaps only Asuna's «Chivalric Rapier» being the exception.[4]

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Behind the scenes

  • «Razer» is named after a sword obtainable early-on in the original Final Fantasy.


  • It took 45 hits of the blacksmiths hammer to create «Razer».[1]

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