Weapon Info
Kanji 輝き
Romaji Kagayaki
VRMMORPG Hazard ReBurst
Weapon Type Claymore: Rave Edge Type C
Obtained/Made By Custom-made

Radiance is Katsuo Myoukouin's secondary melee weapon in Hazard ReBurst.


The Rave Edge Type C that Radiance stems from is a futuristic Claymore sword. Its edge is surrounded in red Rave Energy to increase its cutting power, with a W-shaped crossguard, a spiral-patterned handle, a handguard, and a spiked pommel. Its blade is a brilliant silver, and the hilt itself is a polished silver with black and red overlays.


On its own, Radiance is a strong, heavy blade compared to Zankaen, Katsuo's other sword. Its weight grants it stronger, but slower strikes. It can channel Rave Energy throughout its blade to further enhance cutting ability. Charging it allows Katsuo to either discharge the energy as a mid-range slash projectile, or he can throw the sword out like a boomerang as the blade propels itself using the energy. If it is lost at any given time, it will automatically dismiss itself and return to Katsuo's inventory, where it will wait to be summoned once again.

Radiance is often dual-wielded with Zankaen, making use of Radiance's heft for stronger attacks while wielding Zankaen in a precise, rapid barrage of slashes. When he dual-wields, Katsuo will utilize both blades in a series of high-speed sword strikes or send the heavier blade as a boomerang while he attacks with the lighter sword.


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