REALITIES are a scrapped skill project during the development of Sword Art Online. They are skills meant to be able to alter one's placement or movement.


After being deemed "too game-changing" by Kayaba Akihiko, they were scrapped and the creators were transferred to administrator/security duties. Due to the latter, Kayaba had also trapped them within the death game, Sword Art Online. The reason for this was so that he was able to lay out his planned ending when all one hundred Floors had been beaten.

Each creator of a REALITY was given a task for doing so and to help them, they were each given a random REALITY to help them complete their task. However, to rid of the evidence, he planned to have them killed after they had done their task. This was done by Lucifer.

List of Known REALITIES

Like regular skills in Sword Art Online, REALITIES require a skill slot to be equipped. They are presented when a creator forms a desire. Most of the creators desire were to be free from the game.

  • Shadow Travel - Allows instantaneous travel anywhere to a person or object's shadow without the use of a teleportation crystal.
  • Blur - Allows its users to achieve high speeds and leave after-images, making it seem like its user has been split into three.

List of Known Creators

  • Lucifer - his orders were to kill all creators who have completed his/her task
  • Snow - his orders were to hand out the unique skill "Dual Blades" to the player with the quickest reaction time.


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