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Secret Medicine of the Forest
Sword Art Online - 08 (63)
Quest Info
Kanji 森の秘密医学
Romaji Mori no Himitsu Igaku
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Floor 1 - Horunka Village, Nepenthe Forest
Category Hunting quest
Reward [[w:c:swordartonline:Anneal Blade|]]
Status Completed, reinitiatable

*Note: Introduction goes here. Include the Quest name, what category Quest, and whether the quest can be done again (reinitiatable) or not, and what interval of time must pass in order for the quest to be reactivated again (considering that the quest is reinitiatable).

  • Delivery quests are quests that require the player to bring a certain item from one NPC to another.
  • Escort quests are quests that require the player to bring a certain NPC to a certain destination, while fulfilling other tasks such as keeping the NPC at a certain health level.
  • Gathering quests are quests that require the player to retrieve an item through actual gathering (through the use of a noncombat skill).
  • Hunting quests are quests that require a player to kill a certain Monster a certain number of times. This Quest also includes the hunting for Monster-exclusive drop(s).


*Note: This details how the Quest is initiated, whether by NPC dialogue, randomly stumbled upon, or however you like.


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*Note: What is a Player's reward for completing this Quest?


(Series name)

*Note: List an account of any meaningful events during such a quest.

Known Attempts

*Note: A simple list of all Players who have attempted this Quest, whether successful or not.


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*Note: Fun facts about this Quest.

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