Plasma Blades are a weapon type in End War Online.


Plasma Blades are swords that are comprised entirely out of electromagnetically bound superheated plasma, resulting in an extremely powerful blade capable of searing its way through most substances. Plasma blades consist usually of a cylindrical tube for the handle, from which the plasma blade extends along an extremely precise and controlled electromagnetic field generated in the handle. These weapons are new to the battlescape of End War Online, and thus have not been perfected yet, mainly due to the extreme difficulty of packing so much technology into a small handle capable of outputting enough energy to power a plasma blade that is also capable of solidifying enough to actually cut through whatever it hits instead of just passing through and dissipating. It is due to these reasons that most still use High Frequency Blades instead of Plasma Blades, due to their reliability and stronger cutting power. However, Plasma Blades hold an edge in terms of weight and speed, as the plasma generated by the weapon is near weightless, allowing for an extreme speed advantage, as well as being more portable, as it can be hooked onto any belt or even fit into a pocket when inactive.

Only straight edge Plasma Blades are possible to be made, with swords and knives being the two options available, though both are in very limited supply compared to the more popular HF Blade.

A fatal flaw with Plasma Blades is the very means by which they operate: their electromagnetic field. If in the presence of a strong enough magnet or magnetic field, the Plasma Blade can very easily be disrupted and deactivate. Though Plasma Blades are built with very strong generators and are for the most part able to resist this, they are not without fault, and can sometimes fail when in the presence of a strong enough magnet or magnetic field, rendering the weapon entirely inoperable.