Phoenix Rising Online
VRMMO Information
Developer AdvancedSky Studios
Release Date 21.08.2020
Usable Hardware LiveMind, NerveGear, Amusphere.

Phoenix Rising Online (a.k.a PRO) is one of the few prototype VRMMORPG games. Altough it was only released a year before Sword Art Online, the game is very outdated and is not very known since it uses an abandoned VR system (similar to the TeslaSuit).


The game was created by an unknown company and most information of its production is unknown (except for the fact that there was only 100.000 copies of the game worldwide), This game is can be played in both Offline and Online, of course that the offline campaign only have 50 missions, it was created only to buy good weapons before playing with other players. The Game does not have very realistic graphics nor the ultimate level of realism, but it's enjoyable and addictive.


This game uses a Faction system and is skill-based. There is a total of 1.487 Abilities available in the game, and there are a total of 7 types of Players: Swordsman, Craftsman, Fallen Warrior, Dark Phoenix, Warrior, Magician, Beast are the main Factions.


This is a class for beginners or Sword-only players, this class is about using Swords and Guns. They have the worst Atributes on Divine but have the strongest weapons.

They want to conquer all the Races and find the secret Blade that can be spotted on the "Giant Pillar".  90% of the Swordsman are also Player Killers.


This Class have the highest Mana, HP and non-offensive stats. But their attack attributes are weak and most of them are used as punchbag on Guilds, their ability to craft weapons is unbeliavable and can even create Weapons using their own Mana without the required items.

Their will is to end the war between the 7 Classes and reach the Giant Pillar with all of them. They are not ambitious and only wants to find a new way to play the game.


The Magicians are tricky and uses their Mana mostly for illusions and spells. Mostly of them uses the other Classes to get what they want, by either controlling them or just waiting for them to finish a mission for them.

Their goal is to reach the Giant Pillar and get Kami powers, tough they can't do it alone since they are considered weak and can only use Ranged weapons (Sniper, assault rifle, etc).


They have powerful abilities and offensive skills. But their defense is bad and they mostly needs a Shield to protect them while they are in Human form. When their "Berserk" gauge fills, they can turn into werewolves and all their stats are doubled.

Most of them doesn't even care about the Giant Pillar, only willing to fightagainst other Players through a duel and clear all the missions on the game.


The Royal Players, All of them are on the Giant Pillar. They can only be defeated by High-leveled players or a Dark Phoenix. The only way you can become a Warrior is reaching the top of the Giant Pillar.

A Warrior can be of any class: Swordsman, Craftsman, Magician, etc.

Fallen Warrior

The Worst class of the game. When a Player dies, they can turn in either a Fallen Warrior or in a Dark Phoenix.

The Fallen Warriors have almost 100/1000 in all stats, and cannot play outside a guild without dying excessively. The only way to get your original stats back after turning into a Fallen Warrior is reaching LV100 or reaching the top of the Giant Pillar.

Dark Phoenix

When a Player dies while battling against a Boss with more than 80LV of advantage (e.g.: LV20 player fighting against a LV100 Boss) and remove 25% of his HP. They have the most powerful Stats on hegame and cannot be turn into a Fallen Warrior when killed. They live at the top of the Giant Pillar.


Most of the Players forget about the real goal of the game and mostly participates on the Weekly event "Battle of the Saints," wich is all Races fighting against each other by a total of 20 rounds. When it ends, the player can get the Ultimate Weapon "Vampire Possessor."

Giant Pillar

Reaching the Giant Pillar is the main goal of all Players. It's located on "Ragnarok's Town" and is even higher than the World Tree. Tough only a total of 30 players had succeedded in finishing the Giant Pillar, its still many people's goal.


Bosses, NPCs and enemies does not have HP/Mana/Level value available for regular players. Instead, it is needed to have 1000/1000 affinity with Illusion to see their Stats, this provides a greater level of realism and wirj fir akk the players.

Tough, the Human-like NPCs are even more powerful than the Bsses or normal creatures. It is impossible to see their HP value and only a guild with at least 20 high-leveled players can defeat those enemies.

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