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Phantom Brotherhood
Guild Info
Kanji ファントム・ブラザフッド
Romaji Fantomu burazafuddo
VRMMORPG Endless Utopia Online
Founder [REDACTED]
Focus Illegal Activities
Base of Operations None
Status Active

We have no Family. We have no home. We have no name. We're the Phantoms.
~ Phantom Brotherhood's motto

Phantom Brotherhood is a world-renowned guild of player outlaws in Endless Utopia Online. The group and the members are also referred to as "the Phantoms".



The exact origin of the Phantom Brotherhood is unknown, as are the names and faces of the members. This is reflected in their motto, as little to nothing is known about them, they call themselves ghosts or phantoms.

Hierarchy and Rules

As it is a brotherhood, all members are brothers, and therefore equals in everything, with the notable exception of the leader of the group, [REDACTED], whose orders are supposed to be the utmost priority. However, the life of the leader is not considered the main priority, as even the leader can be replaced. All members are supposed to adhere to the principle of the prosperity of the group as a whole, instead of their own individual interests.

The members are highly skilled Aera users, and all of them bear the tattoo of their guild hidden somewhere in their body. Tasks are assigned according to the player's abilities or volunteering.

Despite their close ties with each other, they can allow those who have killed their members to join. If a vacancy is open by a member dying, being captured, leaving or some other reason, the leader is responsible for filling that space, though the other members are able to make suggestions. When a member is killed, as he is an Outlaw, he respawns in a prison, and the phantoms lose one of their members. They can take it upon themselves to seek retribution from the offenders.

If a subject is controversial, the members can vote to decide, with the leader generally staying outside the voting process unless there is a tie. Since a serious fight between members is absolutely prohibited, if a problem cannot be solved by a discussion between the members (without counting the leader), tossing a coin can resolve the issue.

If the leader was not present or is killed, the members of the Brotherhood can choose one among them to lead them. The new/interim leader must have more than half of all the votes to be choosen. If he does not, the voting has to start again, with the two members with most votes. If more than half the members preffer it, however, they can hold some sort of competition to choose the new leader (as long as it's not fighting between them).

The Brotherhood does not remain assembled all the time, but all members must appear if the leader calls for a meeting. Skipping a mandatory meeting can be a reason for punishment.

Known Members

Notable Achievements


  • The number of players will be between 7 and 13. It is also highly probable that it will be an odd number of players.
  • Though similar in name and concept, the Phantom Brotherhood is not based to the Phantom Thieves from the videogame Persona 5.
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