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Oxen Cloth Trousers (Kenji)
Item Info
Kanji 牛布ズボン
Romaji ushi nuno zubon
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Quest Not applicable
Obtained By Player-made

The «Oxen Cloth Trousers» were a pair of cloth-trousers made by Momoko for Kenji Hiroshi primarily using the skin of a «Trembling Ox», amongst other materials. This item, coupled with the «Cardiophylax» and the «Martial Arts Leg Guards», constituted the first of Kenji's unique lightweight armour sets during his early adventures in Aincrad.


The «Oxen Cloth Trousers» where a pair of plain black trousers. The garment was form-fitting yet comfortable.

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The «Oxen Cloth Trousers» provided little in the form of actual protection. The piece was tailored to Kenji's specifications in order to balance out protection and weight. Their special attributes included:

  • Jumping bonus.
  • Swimming bonus.

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