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Obsidian Integrity Contractors
Guild Info
Name Obsidian Integrity Contractors
Kanji 黒曜石 インテグリッティー コントラクターズ
Romanji Kokuyōseki integurittī kontorakutāzu
VRMMORPGs End War Online
Founder Junji Hitsugaya
Main Focus Make money
Surpass Crimson Rain Services
Base of Operations Noslun, Renskr
Allies Butterfly Kiss Gunsmithing
Status Active

Obsidian Integrity Contractors is a Human faction Private Military Company in End War Online.


Established by Junji Hitsugaya, Obsidian Integrity Contractors advertises itself as a multi-purpose PMC capable of tackling simple escort missions or high-priority infiltration missions with ease. Initially just Junji and his step sister, the group expanded when the former came into contact with the Butterfly Kiss Gunsmithing shop and learning of their informal association with Crimson Rain Services. After finding a suitable weapons provider, Junji began mass recruitment, garnering a number of willing, skilled mercenaries under his PMC's name before advertising itself as a rival organization to Crimson Rain. They've gathered quite a reputation, taking on high-risk, high priority missions anywhere and everywhere for the right price. Communication with the Renskr military and government allows them to bend legal boundaries to achieve the necessary results, though property damage and such will be docked from the mission's payment depending on the severity of the infractions. Their work covers many different fields, from infiltration and assassinations, to escort and bodyguard details. While not as low-profile as their rival, their reputation as an intense, influential PMC is more than rightfully earned with their nearly 100% success rate.

The organization makes use of a proprietary body armor, consisting of silicon carbide discs with ceramic matrices and an accompanying laminate sewn in between the fabric and lining of members' clothing. This "Obsidian Ceramic" Body Armor offers no bullet penetration at the cost of extreme pain due to kinetic energy dispersal, and is usually applied to a member's outerwear, such as a jacket or trench coat. The PMC also has a specific dress code depending on the timing of one's deployment. If a mission occurs during the day where light is abundant, the operative in question is allowed to wear almost anything in any color scheme, so long as the outfit is semi-formal in order to retain a crisp, clean image. If a mission occurs during a darker time of day where there is little natural light, operatives are required to wear darker clothing to blend in with the lack of light, usually consisting of black, dark grey, or dark blues. Outside of these rules, one's outfit is essentially left up to the operative's discretion, and their outfits can range from as few as two suits or as many as a whole wardrobe of designer outfits. Operatives sent on military-level contracts are usually dressed in outfits closer resembling military fatigues, though they all feature the Obsidian Ceramic proprietary body armor in addition to lightweight plate carriers and such.


Obsidian Integrity consists of multiple mercenaries with different specializations. All of them are capable of handling large-scale firefights on their own, and have additional skills and tactics unique to them.



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