This Guild, Oath of the Green Eye, is property of Coolbloxxie.

Oath of the Green Eye
Guild Info
Name Oath of the Green Eye
Kanji オース・オブ・ザー・グリーン・アイ
Romanji Oath of the Green Eye
Epithet OGE
VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online
Founder Coolbloxxie (Eric Jefenters
Members Gunshot (Too many more to list)
Previous Members Lizbeth
Main Focus Patrolling and Policing floors 1-60
Previous Focus Clearing (floor 32)
Base of Operations Floor 32 (Whole)
Allies Knights of the Blood Oath
Status Active

Oath of the Green Eye

Oath of the Green Eye is a Policing Guild, it patrols floors 1-60 for Red Players 24/7, with atleast 40 on each floor. The Guild consists currently of 2781 Soldiers, 100 Council members, and 20 Commanders. Founded by Eric Jefenters (Coolbloxxie)


The Symbol of Oath of the Green Eye (A green eye with 3 snakes going through it) symbolizes the death of PKing guilds.


OGE was formed by 10 friends who had a goal to eliminate all PKers. Things happened, they recruited, and they were at 300 members in no time.


The base of OGE is located somewhere on floor 32, it's a large building, with a lobby at the bottom, barracks at the second, third and fourth floor, and a meeting room on the fifth. It's indoors is mostly green and blue and is lit by chandeliers. In total, the base of OGE costs 380200 Col.

Known Members

Notable Achievements

  • Clearing floor 32


  • Lisbeth left due to the fact they had a private blacksmith better than her
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