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Nebular Empress
Nebular Empress (HF)
Sword Skill Info
Kanji ネブライドエンプレス
Romaji Neburaido Enpuresu
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
ALfheim Online (Only as an OSS)
Weapon Skill Any two one-handed sword
Color Pentachromatic (SAO and ALO)
User(s) Shiota

Nebular Empress is a Dual Blades-category arcane sword skill. It is obtained after defeating Princess Valnagia, the boss of the Sword Skills That Surpass God Hollow Mission, using dual-wielding.


The skill consists of 22 high-speed slashes. The skill starts with an arcing slash from the top left to bottom right with the right sword immediately tailed by the left sword in the same manner. The next two hits repeat the first two hits but mirror them; it goes in the opposite direction. The user changes positions again and repeats the first two hits. This time, the user jumps slightly and performs the arcing slash twice more with both swords for four hits. After the second return, the user locks themselves in place and slashes a shallow X from the right that actually deals four hits. The user ends in a kneeling position and pauses with both swords to the far left in relation to their body. After one second of waiting (in order to allow time for the shockwave of the last two ghost hits to take effect), the user stands up while slashing another shallow X from the left for another two hits. The user changes their grip on the sword and slashes down an X from the top for two more hits. The user then spins clockwise before delivering the final three hits which are all concentrated into a forceful downward slash from the right sword. An explosion-like effect indicates the conclusion of the skill.

The user initiates the skill by standing with their right foot slightly behind their left, their chests facing their right while their head points straight forward. The user holds their left sword in front of them while the right sword is pulled way back. Due to the sheer power of the skill, the user has to wait several seconds for the skill to properly charge before unleashing it. While doing this, the user is vulnerable to any and all attacks. If attacked, the skill is cancelled and all SP used is also wasted.

There is a way to avoid this drawback and it is to use the Quick Skill beforehand. «Quick Skill» allows for the instant usage of sword skills so it effectively negates the charging time needed to use Nebular Empress.


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Side Volume I, Chapter XII, Part II N/A N/A Shiota defeats Princess Valnagia for the first time with Philia and they obtain the «Nebular Empress» and the «Starlight Splash» arcane skill, respectively. Exiting the «Palace of Swords», the girls test the arcane skills out on high-level monsters.
Volume X, Chapter X, Part IV N/A N/A Shiota starts the boss battle with An Incarnation of the Radius with Nebular Empress, since it does not have a post-motion delay.

Nijika's Version


  • This skill only exists in SAO although Shiota did successfully manage to recreate it as an Original Sword Skill in ALO.
  • This skill shares the same name with a quest reward skill that Rain obtained after the clearing of the Blackened Camelot Singularity.
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