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Nebula Oscillation
Guild Info
Kanji 星雲発振
Romaji Seiun hasshin
VRMMORPG Hazard ReBurst
Founder Rikka Sashinami
Focus Elite Mercenary Service
Special Operations
Base of Operations Hino, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Status Active

Nebula Oscillation is an elite Mercenary Service within Hazard ReBurst, renowned for their strict rule of accepting only Valvrave players. Eventually, Reionics Mercenary Operations would be founded, competing with Nebula Oscillation among the other elite Mercenary Services in-game.


Nebula Oscillation came about when the employees of the Espresso Valet cosplay cafe began playing the AR/VRMMO game Hazard ReBurst. The employees grouped together and learned how to play, creating this guild as a means of staying together. It later evolved to accept other Valvrave players from anywhere in the game, growing in popularity and infamy due to them rejecting any player that didn't use the Valvrave system even if their skills were more than enough to qualify. As Espresso Valet's employee roster expanded, so too did Nebula Oscillation's roster.

Many people contract Nebula Oscillation, as they offer a wide variety of services. Bodyguards, escorts, assassinations, chauffeurs, anything within legal limits. They'll take missions of any pay-grade or difficulty without hesitation, deploying players of appropriate levels to the contract with a success rate of 99%. The 1% non-success is usually due to the inexperience of new members or dissatisfaction of clients. Occasionally, the in-game government will contract the guild for Special Operations, in which all members of the guild will be pulled out of their current individual contracts while their clients are paid financial compensation for the delay of their contract's completion. When operating under governmental supervision, they will take any route within the limit of the law to succeed, with a guaranteed 100% success rate. They are willing to work in tandem with other guilds, local law enforcement, and the military to complete their contracts if needed.


Due to the nature of Hazard ReBurst, their base of operations is a digital reflection of a real-life location. In their case, their base is a reflection of the Espresso Valet cosplay cafe that most of the original members work at. In-game, the Nebula Oscillation HQ is an office building where designated desk workers sit and overlook the different contracts submitted to them. A back warehouse is where the field operatives wait for a contract to deploy on. The back warehouse leads to an underground base featuring an R&D department, testing sites, training areas, on-site quarters for resting, recreational areas, a gymnasium, and a hangar for maintenance and repairs.

Known Members

Italicized Players are not Espresso Valet employees.

  • Archetype 1 Players:
    • Hito - Operative
    • 555 - Operative
    • TBA
  • Archetype 2 Players:
  • Archetype 3 Players:
  • Archetype 4 Players:
    • Hinowa - Founder/Operative
    • TBA
  • Archetype 5 Players:
    • Benkei - Lieutenant/Operative
    • TBA
  • Archetype 6 Players:


  • Most, if not all, of the listed Players will be Espresso Valet employees.
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