Boss Info
Kanji ナズラディン
Romaji Nazurudin
VRMMORPG Alfheim Online
Quest Whirlpool Dragon Tyrant Quest
Status Defeated

One of the grand dragons of the sea, Nazrudin is a master of water in all its forms. The sight of his white, serpentine body in flight is said to be a fortuitous omen to sailors, but if his wrath is awakened, he can sweep away a fleet as though it were chaff.
~ System description

Nazrudin(ナズラディン, Nazurudin) is the final floor boss of the Whirlpool Abyss, a dungeon made available by the Whirlpool Dragon Tyrant Quest one summer. He was later brought back by the «Black Sails» to be the final boss in the Tower of Crete, during Sword Art Online: Deletion.


Nazrudin takes the appearance of a white-scaled dragon with an underbelly tinted in dark blue. She has wings and arm-like appendages on either side of her body, and an orb atop her head.


The Whirlpool Dragon Tyrant Quest was made available one summer, its dungeon, the Whirlpool Abyss, present in the waters close to the borders of the Undine territory.

The true dragon Nazrudin can only be met once the players had successfully traversed all floors of the dungeon, and arrived at the final floor.

Many players attempted to finish the dungeon due to its rare and very unique drops, but most failed due to the existence of the Blessing of the Water Buff which only allows the players to stay inside the dungeon for fifteen minutes.

Lancelot's party was one of those who managed to meet the true Nazrudin, though their group were at a huge disadvantage since one of their key players, Gwenhwyfar, was a fire-element Salamander, and Tsukiyomi's trusty sword broke halfway during the battle. Through thick and thin, they managed to defeat the dragon and earn the best of the rewards.


Sword Art Online: Deletion


  • Ice Spiral: Nazrudin condenses a great spiral of frozen energy and blasts the enemy with it, dealing Ice damage and additional damage over time.
  • Frozen Skin: Nazrudin beats his wings rapidly, chilling the air with dragon frost to recover her health and increase DEF.
  • Vicious Hail: Nazrudin absorbs air's moisture, chilling it to the freezing point and shooting it at the enemy, dealing Ice damage and preventing them from being healed.
  • Freezing Point
  • Wind Chill
  • Moonlight Snowfall

Item Drops

  • Arondight
  • Formula for weapons such as:
    • Nazrudin's Draconic Sword and Shield
    • Nazrudin's Bow of Tides
    • Nazrudin's Grimoire of the Deep
    • Nazrudin's Kithara of the Silver Rose
    • Nazrudin's Staff of the Siren
    • Nazrudin's Axe of the Ocean's Might

Known Challengers

  • Lancelot's party
    • Gwenhwyfar
    • Tsukiyomi
    • Eustace
    • Misaki
    • Yuto
    • Miki



  • Nazrudin was most likely based of the Leviathan of the Nordic mythology.
    • Although this particular sea dragon was ripped off from this eidolon.
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