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Personal Info
Name Hōjō Naoto
Kanji 北条 直人
Age 15 (Beginning of Aincrad arc)
Gender Male
Height 165 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Student
Player Profile
Display Name Sigurd
Epithet Siggy
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Clearer
Affiliation Legends Lost
Base of Operations Resolute (21st Floor)
Status Alive
Primary Skill Two-Handed Sword
Unique Weapon Misery's End (Greatsword)
First Appearance Chapter 7: The Dark Lady

Hōjō Naoto, known as Sigurd, is one of the 10,000 people trapped in Sword Art Online. He is a core member of the clearing guild Legends Lost and is a supporting character in the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


Sigurd is a young man of below average height, with short, soft brown curls and brown eyes. He is described as having a boyish face.

Early in the game he is seen wearing a hard leather cuirass, a black tanktop, slacks of the same colour and a pair of fingerless gloves.


Sigurd is an energetic, easy-going person and sets the mood when he's around. While he has his awkward moments, he is very sociable, and is persistent in his endeavours. And while he isn't the greatest at making jokes, he is capable of taking one, even at his own expense.




Arc 1: Into the Fire



Legends Lost


For reasons unknown Sigurd took a shine to the pair of Rapha and Neth some time during the first month of the game. After requesting, and enlisting their help with a quest he was having difficulty with by himself, he simply stuck around. Although Rapha doesn't show the same sort of enthusiasm for conversation he does, he appears to enjoy speaking with her.


Although he was unaware of it when he first approached the pair, Sigurd has displayed a keen interest in Neth's choice of weapon. The two have since taken to comparing the different skills available to their weapon types as they unlock new ones.


Sword Art Online

  • HP: 987
  • Level: 9

Main Equipment

  • Iron Greatsword
  • Hard Leather Cuirass
  • Keenblade (Two-Handed Great sword)
  • Misery's End (Two-Handed Great sword - «Blood Song» quest reward)
  • Warden's Mantle (Hard Leather Cuirass)
Two-Handed Straight Sword Leather Equipment Howl Battle Healing Search
842 / 1000
976 / 1000
Extended Weight Limit

Music Theme

-Lyrics- Taron Egerton - I'm Still Standing (SING Movie Soundtrack)

-Lyrics- Taron Egerton - I'm Still Standing (SING Movie Soundtrack)

One Republic - I Lived - Lyrics Video (Native Album) -HD--HQ-

One Republic - I Lived - Lyrics Video (Native Album) -HD--HQ-


  • Sigurd's character is loosely based off of Tiz Arrior, from Bravely Default.


  • "You say tangent. I say wonderful adventure."
  • (To Rikki) "Anita here was just regaling us with tales of her latest misadventures."
  • "Hoh, buddy... she is going to throw you like a javelin."
  • (To Rapha) "I'll be okay."
  • (To Mazuri) "That's what happens when you try to change things: things change. Not always how you want them to."
  • "My heart's going a little creepy..."
  • "Time to be a little scared."
  • "Come and get it, you giant furry."
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