The Twins
Item Info
Kanji ナンシー・アンド・ウェンディー
Romaji Nanshī Ando u~endī
Epithet the Twins
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Gun
Sub-type Revolvers
Status User by Dwight

Nancy and Wendy are twin custom Springfield M1911 handguns owned and used by Dwight Duncan as his main firearms in End War Online.


They are a pair of heavy customized twin M1911 handguns.

The customizations include:

  • Both are colored metallic black, with their names engraved on the slides in italics.
  • Short pull triggers.
  • Laser sights.
  • Modified combat sights.
  • Muzzles brakes that reduce recoil and muzzle flip.
  • Larger capacity double stack magazines, with ten .45 ACP rounds each. These rounds can be modified for battle against Angels and/or Demons.
  • Ergonomic modified handgrips, designed for close-quarters fighting in case he is left out of ammo.
  • Wendy's ejection port is on the left side.
  • Compatibility with silencers.

Known Users


  • The same as Galant dual-wields Maximus Caliburn Twin Swords, Dwight dual-wields twin handguns.
  • Dwight personifies them as twin sisters, with black hair and brown eyes.
    • He typically refers to them as "the twins".
    • Dwight sees Wendy as the older sister, and Nancy as the younger.
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