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NPC Page Layout
Personal Info
Name SAO Fanon
Presumed Age 3 years
Gender Not applicable
Height Not applicable
Weight Not applicable
VRMMOs Not applicable
Occupation Fanon Wiki
In-game Location Internet
Quest Appearance None
Status Active
Voice Actor Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Anna, etc.
Appears In Wikia namespace

*Note: The NPC Page Layout is reserved for non-player-hostile, in-game-exclusive characters who fulfill a role within a game. If your character is a real-world character who does not play a VRMMO, see Non-Player Page Layout. If your character is a real-world character who does play a VRMMO, see Player Page Layout.

Though not necessary, you can also add {{quote}} to open the NPC with a quote.

Introduction goes here. Include the NPC's name, which story or series he/she appears in, and which VRMMOs he/she can be found in, and what roles he/she has in those VRMMOs. If applicable, list any quest that he/she appears in, and what role they play in that quest.

Also, a note for creating the Japanese pronunciation of your character's name, please use something like {{#NewWindowLink:'s English to Katakana converter}} for correct Kana and romanization.


*Note: In this section, write about the NPC's appearance. If you have images (or better yet, fan art), that makes the appearance section all the better.


*Note: This section describes the NPC's personality. Note that, unless the NPC is involved in a quest, the NPC's personality generally does not change; and even after the events of a quest, said personality may still not change.


*Note: This is the history of the NPC before their introduction to your character in said VRMMO. This includes what roles the NPC had served in the lore of that VRMMO.


(Series title)

*Note: This next section is for you to describe what the NPC does, or experiences after game launch. Most NPCs are purely aesthetic with limited dialogue options, while others have more extensive language capabilities, and thus serve as quest mediators.

Such NPCs should not have already been introduced in the SAO canon, such as [[w:c:swordartonline:Ruru|]].


*Note: If you can, create or find images of your character and create a gallery to show them off.


*Note: Include anything you find amusing or interesting about your character that may not fit into any of the above sub-headings, such as fun facts, their theme song, the etymology of their names, and even how you gained inspiration for creating them.


Note: Categories are what make your pages organized. Add the appropriate tags at the end of the page.

What is your character's gender?

Which game(s) does this NPC appear in?

And many other categories...

Layout Usage

{{NPC Infobox
|image = 
|name = 
|kanji = 
|romaji = 
|etiphet = 
|presumed age = 
|gender = Male/Female
|height = 
|weight = 
|occupation = 
|vrmmo = 
|location = 
|quest = 
|status =Active/Deleted/Suspended
|voice actor = 
|appears in = 




===(Series title)===





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