This Skill, Mystic Eye, is property of ArtistOfTheDaleks.

Mystic Eye
Mystic Eye
Skill Info
Kanji 魔眼
Romaji Magan
Category Superpower
User(s) Akatsuki Tokugawa

Mystic Eye is a custom Superpower in Red Sky Online created by Akatsuki Tokugawa in an attempt to replicate the All Seeing Eye for RSO.


Mystic Eye is an ocular Magic and Psionic based superpower in Red Sky Online. When activated it grants the user Energy Vision and Accelerated Perception as well as Vision on all Spectral Frequencies allowing for feats such as Night Vision, Thermal Vision, and X-Ray Vision. If the Player already has Accelerated Perception as a power this ability will enhance it ten fold. The player can also use Mystic Eye to analyze powers and abilities as well as their source. Pattern Recognition is also a bonus. In addition to these the player can use Mind Control and Illusion Manipulation. The player is also in turn immune to illusion. The Player can also distort the senses of others and even alter and use any Magic Spell or Psionic Skill the player wishes as long as they have the necessary prerequisites.




  • This Power was mainly inspired by the Alpha Stigma and the All Seeing Eyes of the Gods.
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