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Mukuro Sayama
Personal Info
Name Mukuro Sayama
Kanji 佐山骸
Romanji Sayama Mukuro
Birthday June 1
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 5'5
Weight 124 lbs
Eyes Red-Brown
Hair Red-Brown
Place of Residence Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Family Mother - Alive
Father - Alive
Player Profile
Display Name Marika
Kanji マリカ
Romanji Marika
Epithet Obsidian Integrity's Idol
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Occupation Mercenary
Bounty Hunter
Affiliation Obsidian Integrity Contractors
Partner Decided by her boss
Base of Operations Obsidian Integrity HQ
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Brigadier
Voice Actor Sumire Morohoshi
First Appearance End War Online: United Souls

Hope everyone's enjoying the show~!
~ Mukuro Sayama

Mukuro Sayama is a Human player in End War Online, set to appear in End War Online: United Souls. She is a member of Obsidian Integrity Contractors, acting primarily as a combat operative due to her beautiful appearance and flair for style despite her knowledge of guns.


Like her superior and follow operative, she wears different outfits depending on the mission type and the time of its mission. For night missions, she wears a dark grey halter top; a navy blue waistcoat; a dark grey flannel jacket using her organization's unique body-armor; a midnight blue pleated skirt; black leggings with side-mounted ankle sheaths for a set of throwing knives; and flexible combat boots with prominent heels and a hidden knife in the toe. Daytime missions use the previous outfit in different colors: a red halter top, white waistcoat, a red plaid bow-tie, dark red flannel, red plaid skirt, dark grey leggings, and her unique combat boots. Her casual outfit consists of a white button-up shirt with the red bow-tie from her daytime combat outfit; a pleated, dark red skirt; black stockings with thigh holsters for her Brigadier pistols; and black, knee-high, lace-up boots. Regardless of the outfit, she wears a Baume & Mercier Petite Promesse 10290 wrist watch with a custom watch face engraving depicting a standard clock face with gold lines instead of the numbers; a set of black fingerless gloves; underarm holsters for her Ultra-Zoffy revolvers; thigh holsters for her Brigadier pistols; spare pistol magazines and speed-loaders for her revolvers strapped to her belt; and her Ultra-Seven High-Frequency Katanas sheathed on either side of her waist. Her Ultra-Ace rifle is usually worn with a two-point sling, accompanied by a plate carrier with several spare magazines for said weapon.

IRL, Mukuro wears the normal uniform for her school, which is a white button-up t-shirt which she leaves slightly unbuttoned, a light blue bow-tie, a black and red plaid skirt, black stockings, black dress shoes, and the optional black blazer. If she's not in her school uniform, then she's wearing dark grey leggings, a white halter top, a red plaid button-up hoodie, and dark red sneakers.


Mukuro was a huge fan of Ultraman when she was young, thanks to her father's love for Tokusatsu shows. She read the manga while she was in elementary school, and would often be bullied for her interest in Ultraman in middle school. However, her love for the franchise helped her coped with the bullying, using it to get through tough days. She was also known as a Gun Otaku, due to her mother's fascination with firearms and work in the Japanese Self-Defense Force. When she reached high school, she would meet Junji Hitsugaya and his step-sister, where they would become great friends and learn of End War Online from classmates. She began working part-time at a restaurant once she entered high-school. Once she joined the game, Mukuro took to training as a mercenary with several professional in-game mercenaries and bounty hunters to learn how to fight and work in the mercenary business. Eventually, Junji would invite her to join his organization, and she would eventually meet fellow gun otaku Tokime Suginami when looking for a weapons shop to buy weapons she wanted to modify herself. The two girls would collaborate extensively, working together to help build Mukuro's Ultra-series firearms. Through these interactions, she wound up meeting Sento Kasai and Haru Yamamoto, and came to enjoy their company despite her boss declaring their companies as rivals.


Mukuro is a happy-go-lucky girl who is obsessed with Ultraman, Tokusatsu, and firearms. She loves to ramble on and on about her interests, and is more than happy to elaborate on those topics. She's polite, kind, but introverted, usually sticking to friends she already knows instead of going out on her own to look for more friends. Large crowds and loud parties are usually overwhelming for her, as she'd rather sit in her room watching Ultraman or researching guns while eating a bag of potato chips. Due to her introverted nature, she is very easily flustered by flirting or lewd remarks, either brushing the comments off if talking to a friend or nervously denying her own beauty if talking to a stranger; if a person is being especially vulgar, she'll sneer, or loudly tell them off depending on the severity of their comments. When she's required to focus, she becomes a diligent worker who's laser-focused on doing her job to the best of her abilities. However, when she has the opportunity to joke or poke fun at something, she'll almost always make fun to lighten up the mood. Another trait many praise her for is her incredible sense of empathy, knowing when to keep a joke to herself in a tense situation or generally helping her friends or acquaintances by listening to their problems and offering her perspective and possible solutions. She is quite sensitive about Tokusatsu, and will lash out at anyone who insults Ultraman or similar works with intense fury.


End War Online

  • Faction - Human
  • Occupation - Obsidian Integrity Contractors' Field Operative
  • Main Equipment:
    • Brigadier
    • Ultra-Ace
    • Ultra-Seven
    • Ultra-Zoffy
    • "Slugger" Throwing Knives

Mukuro fights with a strange style of hand-to-hand combat seemingly inspired by the Tokusatsu shows she watched. While she is trained in several proper fighting styles, she wields all their techniques in a flashy, stylish style reminiscent of a Kamen Rider or Ultraman's fighting style. This is further augmented by her extensive use of firearms in tandem with her melee attacks, usually firing a bullet from her Brigadier pistols as the end to a long string of punches and kicks or firing bullets immediately after landing a strike. She loves to taunt her enemies, jabbing them with her fist while also verbally jabbing them. There are times where Mukuro gets more serious in a fight, holstering her pistols and unleashing her Ultra-Seven HF Blades. While they are very simple swords, they are contained in specialized sheaths that refines and recalibrates the oscillations when the swords are sheathed. Thanks to this function, they can be used to cut through weapons that are normally capable of resisting HF Blades, though the oscillations will quickly degrade and lose precision the longer they are unsheathed. As a result, Mukuro's swordplay focuses on quick, deadly strikes meant to end things as quickly as possible while retaining some of her Tokusatsu fighting flair. Her Ultra-Zoffy revolvers are usually reserved for finishing off enemies, and are designed to accept a wide variety of specialty ammunition. Her Ultra-Ace rifle has been extensively modified for CQB, featuring a shortened barrel and low-profile attachments that allow her to manipulate the weapon smoothly in close-quarters. Her "Slugger" throwing knives are a proprietary design, made of a lightweight, durable metallic alloy and forged in the shape of Eye Sluggers wielded by Ultra Seven. They can be wielded as emergency melee weapons, and are commonly used as emergency projectiles when Mukuro doesn't have immediate access to any of her firearms for any reason. The Obsidian Integrity Contractors' proprietary body armor is sewn into her each of jackets, consisting silicon carbide discs, ceramic matrices, and accompanying laminate. In-game, she rides a Yamaha MT-09 in red and grey with a reinforced frame, custom aerodynamic fairings, an aftermarket exhaust system, and an overall aesthetic resembling Ultraman.

Music Themes

Ultraman Orb Origin Theme Song

Ultraman Orb Origin Theme Song

True Fighter

True Fighter


  • Mukuro shares her surname "Sayama" with Rena Sayama from the Ultraman anime on Netflix, and is inspired by her.
  • All of her Ultra-series weapons are named after different Ultramen.
  • Her three sizes in centimeters are [B-88, W-62, H-82].
  • Mukuro made most of her in-game weapons herself, purchasing the base firearms through Tokime Suginami and occasionally enlisting her fellow gun otaku in helping her make some minor modifications.
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