The Moon Song Rifles are a set of bladed Anima rifles that act as Ren's primary weapons, originally belonging to his father.


Made in the last generation of Rythulian crafted Anima weapons, the Moon Song Rifles were the last pair of firearms crafted by the Rythulian race, and were at the pinnacle of the race's knowledge of the soul, Anima, and the construction of soul catalysts. Designed for use by Ren's father, who was, at the time, captain of their village's guard, and thus was given the best weapons that could be offered by their weaponsmith, who was considered a master of the art, creating two powerful and deadly rifles that were unique, even by Rythulian standards. Though they didn't see much action with their intended owner, upon being passed down to his son, Ren, they would see extensive use and service for the kingdom of Amira and the Amiran Royal Family, afterwards still being wielded after Ren left the kingdom, gaining a legendary status in his hands. They would be in his possession until the day he passed away, and several years afterwards they would be lost to time. However, given the Rythulian's superb construction of their weapons, the Moon Song Rifles are most likely still intact and residing somewhere in the world.


The Moon Song Rifles are two shortened rifles that fire Anima projectiles. The projectiles can be either weak and fast firing or semi-automatic and more powerful. Additionally, there are blades attached underneath the barrel that can operate in close quarters battle, requiring no activation in order to use, meaning quick responses to close threats. The rifles are colored a mahogany brown with silver ornamental details, while the blades are black with a chrome edge and blue runes inscribed, allowing for the blades to be enhanced with Anima, adding to their power and, optionally, their length.

A masterpiece of archaic weaponry, with features that were far ahead of their time in terms of firearms, and still far beyond replication in terms of soul catalysts, these weapons were at the pinnacle of Rythulian weapon crafting.