Moon Set
Item Info
Name Full Moon Coat, Lunar Gloves, Eclipse Boots, Moonlight Trousers, Amulet of Darkness
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location 40th Floor
Quest Bloody Night
Dropped By Headless horseman
Item Type Armor
Sub-type Light Metal Equipement
Status Acquired

The Moon Set was obtained by hajime after completing the quest Bloody night on halloween 2023.

The Set is based to make the wearer a force when night comes, but weak in the day.


The moon set is quite normal. it looks a bt like a a long black rancoat, with a hood, black boots and gloves. The unique thing about the set, is when the wearer is out at night, it makes him appear like a Shadowy figure.


Sword Art Online


The Appraisal will be done for the whole set together. 

Normal Stats / Night stats

Moon Set

Armor / Leather

Defence: 250 / 450

Durability: 800 each pieces

Strenght: 40 / 100

Agility: 40 / 120

Stamina: +20 / +40

Sprint: +10 / +30

Acrobatic: +10 / +30

Amulet of Darkness

+ 500 Night Vision Skill

Known Users

Hajime Hiroki



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