Monument the Lord's Obelisk
Boss Info
Name Monument the Lord's Obelisk
Kanji モーンユメント・ザ・ロルドズ・オベレッスク
Romanji Mōnument za rorudozu oberessuku
Epithet Cornerium Golem
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location 59th Floor
Quest Raid on the Cornerstone
Weapon Rock-hard body
Item Drop Cornerium Ingot+
Status Defeated, respawns with quest initiation

«Monument the Lord's Obelisk» is the quest boss of «Raid on the Cornerstone». It is rumored that its drops are the only way to obtain an enhanced version of a «Cornerium Ingot».

Monument is a boss who appears in Truth and Ideals.


Monument is a large bulky golem made of stone. Its arms are longer than its legs, making it bear the appearance of a gorilla. It has wide, flat hands that it uses as its main method for attacking.


Monument resides in the mines where Cornerium Ingots spawn. The only way for him to spawn is to initiate the quest that is offered by a miner NPC that is located in the house outside of the mine's entrance.

However, if the player completes the quest without slaying Monument, the boss returns to its dormant state and is returned to full HP, until the quest is once again initiated.


As of now, Monument's drops were the only way to obtain «Cornerium Ingot +», an enhanced version of the «Cornerium Ingot». Rumor has it that crafting such a material results in a weapon or armor of higher quality, though the ingot has only been obtained twice. Out of the players that started the «Raid on the Cornerstone» quest, most of them only distracted the boss while one miner harvested from the Cornerium deposits. After gathering the ores, the players escaped the dungeon.


Upon the start of the battle, Monument creates an earthquake that disrupt any player's concentration. However, no HP is lost during such an earthquake, unless the player is hit by larger chunks of rock falling from the ceiling, but these barely do any damage.

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