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Miura Sakurako
Personal Info
Name Miura Sakurako
Kanji 三浦 桜子
Birthday February 17, 1980
Age 42 (Beginning of Aincrad arc)
Gender Female
Height 172 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Marital Status Divorced
Family Miura Kimiya (son)
Player Profile
Display Name Niriel
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Clearer
Affiliation Knights of the Blood
Previous Affiliation Aincrad Liberation Force
Partner Gunther
Base of Operations Whiteridge (12th Floor)
Status Alive
Primary Skill One-Handed Sword

Heavyweight Shield Equipment

First Appearance Chapter 16: An Attempted Taming

Despite everything that's happened, at the end of the day, you're still kids. You deserve the chance to experience that.
~ Niriel

Miura Sakurako, known as Niriel, is one of the 10,000 people trapped in Sword Art Online. She was formerly a member of the Aincrad Liberation Force, and turned colours to join the Knights of the Blood following the former's retreat to the lower floors and the latter's inception on the 26th Floor. She is a reoccurring character in the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


Niriel is a tall, older woman, with neck-length wavy black hair and brown eyes. During her time in-game while she was a member of the ALF she used an item to dye her hair lime green. She used another item to dye it dark red after switching to the KoB.

Like other members of the frontline guild Niriel wears the gunmetal green armour characteristic of the ALF. She wears her sword and shield both on her back.


Niriel is a sprightly woman, given to bursts of activity and eccentric behaviour. A sociable woman, she enjoys the company of larger groups, which is what initially drew her to the ALF. She is friendly to most, and takes great joy from assisting other players with all manner of task, which she describes as the one thing she most regrets leaving behind when she left the ALF, as the KoB place a great deal more focus on clearing than on helping other players to catch up. This helpful and protective nature, which borders on overbearing on occasion, has earned her a reputation among her friends and guild mates as a doting mother hen.




Arc 1: Into the Fire



Knights of the Blood


Ursa Minor





Sword Art Online

  • HP:
  • Level:

Main Equipment

One-Handed Sword Heavyweight Shield Equipment Heavy Metal Equipment Extended Weight Limit Fighting Spirit


  • Niriel was the name used for my Dalish warden Mahariel during my first play-through of Dragon Age: Origins.
  • Niriel is the oldest named character in the story.
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