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I don't need an excuse to defend the worthy.
~ Misaki

Misaki is a player of Sword Art Online. She is a member of Pendragon Court.

Misaki Akimi
Saber Lily
Personal Info
Name Touko Akimi
Kanji あきみ透子
Birthday August 23, 2004
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 125 lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Player Profile
Display Name Misaki
Kanji 美咲
Epithet White Knight
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Knight
Affiliation Pendragon Court
Partner Gawain
Previous Partner Ishi
Base of Operations Luciad
Status Deceased
Unique Weapon Eternia
First Appearance Sword Art Online: Clashing Blades - Chapter 5


Misaki wears a battle outfit with an armored breastplate, gauntlets, and hip guards, as well as armored boots reaching up past her knees. The color of the outfit is white with black trim.



A stubborn fighter, Misaki never backs down from a fight, seeing it as a dishonor to her and her guild. She takes every fight very seriously, and makes it a point to fight with honor, not using any cheap tactics or tricks, seeing no point in fighting if she can't rely on her own skills alone. Misaki is fiercely loyal to her guild and her friends, and will fight to ensure their safety at any cost. Misaki can easily see the grand scheme of things, and can find out quick and efficient ways to deal with a problem, but in doing so sometimes loses sight of what really matters. However, her friends are quick to pull her back and keep her on her course, for which she is always grateful.



Misaki has had a relationship with Ishi before, when he was a member of Pendragon Court, but it was never taken that far and it was short lived. Misaki sees Ishi as an incredible fighter and respects how he has a strong moral compass in the darkest of situations, never deterring from his ideals. Misaki still has lingering feelings for him even after they drifted apart.


Misaki is an extremely skilled fighter, doing battle with her long sword, Eternia. She is quick and precise, using her amazing agility and acrobatics to constantly break her enemy's defenses. She has a graceful combat style, swinging her blade with beautifully deadly strikes.


One Handed Straight Sword Parry Agility Acrobatics Sprint
940 / 1000
650 / 1000
Battle Healing Emergency Recovery Light Metal Equipment Extended Weight Limit Cooking
891 / 1000
689 / 1000
977 / 1000
812 / 1000


Music Themes

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Most Wondrous Battle OSTs Ever Let The Stars Fall Down


Most Heartful OSTs Ever City Of Sadness

Most Heartful OSTs Ever City Of Sadness


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