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Personal Info
Name Ryouta Mugetsu
Birthday October 21, 2007
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 173 cm
Weight 62 kg
Eyes Yellow
Hair Black
Place of Residence Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Student
Marital Status Boyfriend of Aina
Family Melzez (Brother)
Player Profile
Display Name Minato
Epithet The White Devil

King of Darkness
The Hunter
The Odd Crow

VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation Raven's Gate
Partner Aina (in-game wife)
Status Active
Primary Skill One Handed Sword
Unique Skill Over Take
Unique Weapon Ra Callum

Minato is a level 77 solo player searching for his brother, Melzez, while attempting to clear the game. His real name is Ryouta Mugetsu. During his time on Millenium War Online, Minato becomes one of the 13 Edge Masters.



Ryouta after SAO

Minato is about the same height as his brother. In SAO, he wears a white coat with gold trimming and several holsters on it and a metal gauntlet and black pants and boots. He has yellow eyes and a scar on his right cheek. In the real world, his eyes and hair are more brownish in color.


He is very menacing, and takes great pride in his strength. He hates to lose and gets very upset if he does, promising to have a rematch as soon as he gets strong enough to beat those who have defeated him. He has no qualms about killing anyone who tries to kill him, saying that the lives of those unrelated to him or have no meaning to him are worthless.

After spending time away from his brother and watching as the people around him go about their daily lives regardless of the world they live in, he begins to question the nature of his deep hatred towards people. However a deep hatred towards Kayaba Akihiko still lurks deep within him.

After about a year, he comes across a girl named Aina on the 42nd floor. They spent alot of time together fighting monsters and clearing floors and begin to form a close relationship. Tatsuya's emotions began to blossom into love, an emotion he had not felt towards anyone since before his parents deaths.

After returning from SAO, Ryouta begins to spend more time with Airi(Aina) and his overall demeanor begins to change. He becomes a more pleasant and kind individual overall.


On October 21, 2007, Ryouta Mugetsu was born to Amia and Sousuke Mugetsu. For most of his life, they lived peacefully in a mansion in Osaka. His father was an quantum physicist.His mother, Amia, was a doctor. Both the parents were very wealthy due to their successes.

On the night of August 13, 2016,  Amia and Sousuke were killed in a burglary in their home by three armed men. Ryouta and Toya dispatched the three one by one, using various appliances in the house. After the incident, they were sent to live with their aunt and uncle.


SAO closed Beta

Ryouta and Toya participated in the SAO closed beta together. They only made it up to floor 5.

Sword Art Online

Ryouta entered Sword Art Online as Minato, that being his grandfather's name. Upon learning about the Death Game from Kayaba's announcement, Ryouta develops a deep hatred towards Kayaba and vows to clear the game no matter the cost. Afterwards, he spent much time defeating bosses with his brother Toya, playing as Melzez. At level 21, they decided to split up and walk different paths, promising that when they meet again, they would have a duel.

Minato spent most of his time training and defeating various enemies, in order to become stronger. He also spent time looking for new weapons since most of his broke within a few days or weeks of use. After many months of Sword Hunting, he came across a weapon pair known as «Ra Callum» being sold at a shop on the 32nd floor for a very high price.The pair consisted of a white and black sword and matching gauntlet. Out of curiosity, he decides to buy the sword without a care as to how much it might cost him. After a few weeks, he realized the new had not broken due to the sheer pressure of his attacks, and decides to use this sword for the rest of the game, and upgrade it if necessary.

Upon reaching the 42nd floor, he enters a dungeon defeating all the enemies he could see. Upon venturing deeper into the dungeon, he comes across a girl named Aina and her guild the Raven's gate, each member near death. Impulsively, Minato destroys the monsters, saving their lives. He is offered a place in their guild, in which he very reluctantly accepts. They clear many of the floors together, until they reach the 50th floor.

While on Floor 50, The Raven's Gate guild goes hunting for a rare item by the name of «Soul Gem», which is supposedly worth 1,000,000,000 Col. While searching all the dungeons on the floor, Minato continuously expresses a silent urge of hesitation to find the item. After searching through 12 dungeons, in the 13th dungeon, they find a long corridor that leads to a secret area titled «Dead Zone», with an open sky. After searching the vast expanse of the hidden area, the guild finds a pedestal at the center of the enormous landscape. On the pedestal lies the «Soul Gem». Minato then expresses the terrible feeling he had been holding onto to Aina, who reluctantly dismisses his distress by ordering one of the guild members to retrieve the item. Minato observes the proceedings with his bad feeling intact. Unfortunately, his bad feeling was spot-on. As the member sent to retrieve «Soul Gem» reaches for the rare item, the cursor above said members' head turns purple and the «Soul Gem» turns into a gel-like substance and encases him in its esence.


Minato possesses a wide range of skill in combat, and normally takes high-level quests to earn money. His attacks are made to look like they leave him wide open, but he performs them with such speed that his enemies can rarely land a hit. He posseses a very high stealth skill, making him very hard to detect. Combined with his high detection skill, he is nearly the perfect hunter of both players and monsters.

Sword Art Online

  • Level: 77
  • HP: 32760
  • Main Equipment:
    • «Ra Callum» (Sword and Gauntlet pair - forged)
    • «Mercenary's robes» (Equipment outfit - Quest Drop)


Sword Art Online

One Handed Sword Guantlet Parry Blade Throwing Sprint
990 / 1000
945 / 1000
Night Vision Over Take Light Metal Equipment Extended Weight Limit Detection
Stealth Battle Healing
999 / 1000
990 / 1000

Sword Skills

Minato spent a great deal of time honing his skills and attacks in order to defeat any enemy he happened to come across, player or monster. He has a high affinity for all types of one-handed swords and can typically use them with extreme ease. while his attacks are not based on strength, his speed, agility, and ability to accurately predict enemy attacks play a large role in the effectiveness of his attacks.

One-handed Sword

  • Slant - (1-hit strike) A simple sword skill slashing diagonally.
  • Vertical - (1-hit strike) A simple sword skill slashing vertically.
  • Horizontal - (1-hit strike) A simple sword skill slashing horizontally.
  • Uppercut - (1-hit strike) A simple sword skill delivering an uppercut.
  • Rage Spike - (1-hit strike) A basic, weak skill that leaps at the enemy and follows with an upward strike.
  • Sonic Leap - (1-hit strike) A charge-type sword skill that dashes toward the enemy to deal a downward strike.
  • Vertical Arc - (2-hit combo) A simple sword skill creating a 'V' shape trajectory.
  • Horizontal Square - (4-hit combo) A mid-level sword skill tracing the shape of a rhombus.
  • Vertical Square - (4-hit combo) A mid-level sword skill tracing the shape of a square.
  • Sharp Nail- (3-hit combo) Minatoo throws knives at a given target. He can also choose to run up and stab the target three times
  • Vorpal Strike - (1-hit strike) A heavy one-handed sword skill with a reach that is double the length of the blade and has high attack power. It has a long cool-down. 30% Physical, 30% Fire, 40% Darkness.
  • Shadow Backslide - (1-hit strike) One of Minato's original skills. Minato dashes toward the enemy at high speed and slashes backward to throw the enemy off gaurd.
  • One Flash - (Variable hit) Minato dashes forward at a quick speed, slashing the opponent with multiple light cuts.
  • Extreme Blade (Variable hit) Minato blasts forward, launching enemies into the air and piercing through them at unfathomable speeds, gaining height as he attacks. Minato's level of swordsmanship seperates space and darkness, creating a black-hole in the air that drags in nearby enemies. At the climax of his assault he comes crashing down with a powerful vertical slice.
  • Shockwave - Divider (1-hit strike) Minato slashes his sword with a forceful aura to send a sonic shockwave downward at a 135-degree angle that travels in a set direction.
  • Hypersonic Stab (Variable hit) Minato dashes forward and unleashes a fury of slashes faster than the eye can see, slashing all in his path.
  • Ars Solum - (9-hit combo) Another of Minato's original skills. Minato dashes toward the enemy and starts the attack with a diagonal slash up to the left, another diagonal slash down to the left, a slash up to the right, a slash to the left, a slash down to the right, and another slash up to the left. He then spins 360 degrees in mid air, then slashes down to the left, slashes to the side while spinning, and then slams down on the ground with his sword, ending the combo.


These are attacks preformed when Minato uses the gauntlet on his left arm. He uses it to inflict extra fire damage on his foes and can even use these skills along with his lesser one-handed sword skills to chain combos and inflict even more damage.

  • Deadly Raid - (1-hit strike) Minato engulfs his left arm in flames and punches the target. 40% Physical, 60% Fire.
  • Burning Buster - (2-hit combo) Minato grabs the opponent with his left arm and tosses them into the air. He then punch forward before unleashing a tornado of flames. 30% Physical, 70% Fire.
  • Burner fist - (1-hit strike) Vents open up on Minato's left arm and spew flames as he punches forward with increased speed from the vented flames. 90% Physical, 10% Fire.
  • Ars Solum; Inverted - (9-hit combo) Switching his sword over to his left hand and engulfing both in flames, Minato dashes toward the enemy and starts the attack with a diagonal slash up to the right, another diagonal slash down to the right, a slash up to the left, a slash to the right, a slash down to the left, and another slash up to the right. He then spins 360 degrees in mid air, then slashes down to the right, slashes to the side while spinning, and then slams down on the ground with his sword and spewing flames from it and the gauntlet, ending the combo. 50% Physical, 50% Fire.

Over Take

Minato's ultimate skill. When activated, Minato drops all weapons and armor from his person and the dropped items are transfered to the closest person within a 40 meter range. Using this skill also changes his appearance drastically. His hair gets longer and a bluish-gray, bandage-like carapace forms around his torso, right arm, and face, ending just beneath his eyes. Black, flame-like markings spread across his chest and wrap around his left arm, and the remains of a tattered black cloak cover his lower body and black flames surround him. The gauntlet on his left arm disappears and instead, a portion of the flames surround his right arm where his sword once was. However, the skill can only be activated once Minato has completely leveled up the skill, and once activated, all accumulated progress for the skill is lost and the skill has to be trained once more. It is unknown how much training is required to achieve mastery.

  • Over Take; Burst - (1-hit strike)

    Minato using Over Take; Burst

    Generating a blade of deep black flames in his hand, Minato swings it towards his target. Doing so causes a massive veil of black flames to erupt upwards and approach the target, darkening the sky and heavily damaging anything caught within the blast. Afterwards, the energy continues to rise before dissipating into the sky. After using this skill, Minato's HP bar is drained until he has only 1 HP left, and he reverts to his original form. Combined with the repercussions of using the Over Take skill, the skill becomes a hit-or-miss technique, meaning that if the attack does not connect or finish off the opponent, Minato will die.