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Personal Info
Name Araya Mika
Kanji アラヤ ミカ
Romanji Araya Mika
Birthday February 15, 2030
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5"4
Weight 105 lbs
Eyes Pink
Hair Black
Unusual Features Born with pink eyes
Occupation Student
Player Profile
Display Name Mikira
Kanji ミキラ
Romanji Mikira
Epithet Pinky
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Little Nightmares
First Appearance TBA


Mikira has alert, dark pink eyes, and long, wavy black hair. In-game, (her race was Human) she wears a pink scarf the same color as her eyes, and a creamy white trench coat with black buttons and accents. Under that, she wears black leggings and black combat boots. She keeps her weapons inside her coat (and a couple of knives in little compartments in her boots) to conceal them.


Most of the time, Mikira is bubbly and friendly. In-game however, she turns sly, and calculating, using her seemingly innocent personality to lure in and taunt her enemies.


Mikira is the granddaughter of Chiharu's aunt. However, Chiharu came over often because Mikira was like her, and they enjoyed playing together. Chiharu taught Mikira about video games, and was the one who got her into them and into the color pink (they both ended up being practically obsessed with it). She was the one who gave Mikira a RiftGear and EWO for her birthday a few months after it came out after seeing how much she wanted it.




TBA... I need to ask Onii-chan how this works...

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