Midnight Fury
Item Info
Kanji 深夜の怒り
Romaji Shin'ya no Ikari
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Firearm
Sub-type Semi-automatic handguns/Knuckle-dusters

Midnight Fury is the pistol pair wielded by Junji Hitsugaya as his primary firearms in End War Online.


Both Midnight Fury pistols are based off the Steyr M9-A1 pistol. Unique to these pistols is a removable knuckle-duster/spare magazine housing in front of the grip that allows Junji to punch hard while still holding his guns. Modifications include:

  • Competition-levels triggers with 2.5 lbs trigger pull
  • Reinforced frame capable of resisting high frequency blades
  • Extended FDE/Bronze BLC coated barrel with threading at the end for suppressors
  • Custom-designed fire control group
  • Fiber optic front sight and dotted-post rear sights
  • Extended ambidextrous mag release
  • Picatinny rails in front of the trigger guard designed to mount the custom knuckle-duster/magazine housing
  • Removable knuckle-duster/magazine housing component with reinforced construction capable of withstanding the force behind each of Junji's punches, as well as resistance to HF Blades. These detachable duster/housings have spikes on the front to deal even more damage per punch.
  • Flared mag-wells for easier reloading
  • Custom stippling on the handgrips
  • The left-hand gun features a mirrored ejection port, causing all associated systems to be redesigned to so spent brass is ejected away from the user when used left hand

Both guns are chambered in 9mm ammunition, though they are often loaded with 9mm Major ammunition. The pistols are used more as knuckle-dusters, with the bullets being an after-thought most of the time. Junji often punches his enemies to a bloody pulp before pulling the trigger, though there times when he use them as intended: punching holes through a target's body in a close- to mid-range engagement. The pistols are wholly compatible with regular 9mm ammunition, and Junji will often hijack magazines from the corpses of his enemies since they almost always seem to carry 9mm rounds. Of course, the guns lose the kick from the 9mm Major ammo, but at least Junji ends up with ammo to spare. The knuckle-duster are capable of mounting onto any compatible handgun. Simply slide the housing onto the picatinny rail, then push the housing up to lock it in place and deploy the spikes. A button on either side of the housing retracts the spikes and unlocks the duster, allowing it to slide off.