Michael Blenheim
Personal Info
Real Name Michael Blenheim
Kanji マイケル ブレナム
Romaji Mikaeru Brenhaim
Birthday 05/08/2023
Age 22
Gender male
Height 5'9"
Weight 168 Ibs
Occupation College Student
Family Father and Mother, only child
Player Profile
Display Name Michael Blenheim
VR Played End War Online
Occupation Mercenary / Bounty Hunter
Affiliation Maverick
Base of Operations Halfen
Status Alive
Appears In End War Online: Shattered Boundaries

 Michael Blenheim is a member of Maverick and a player of End War Online.


He has brown hair and green eyes. Michael wears a brown jacket over a camouflage undershirt.In addition to this he wears denim jeans with a tactical belt holding his grenades and flares. He wears a shoulder holster for his sidearms and has spare ammunition in speed loaders to facilitate faster reload times.


When Michael started playing EWO he played with a group of friends. Being that he was in college and they had all already graduated and were searching for a job they tended to progress further in the game than him. After an argument between his best friend resulting in the loss of their friendship Michael joins Maverick hoping to catch up with his friends.


Michael is a pretty laid back kind of guy, doesn't let things get to him too much. However, if someone threatens him or his friends into doing something he wont back down without a fight. He gets very defensive about what he did before joining Maverick, and tries to evade the question as best as possible. He does get very jealous of people who get stronger than him due to his friends abandoning him in the past.


  • Faction - Human
  • Occupation - Mercenary / Bounty Hunter
  • Equipment
    • Dual wield Colt Python Revolvers
    • XM-8 assault Rifle
    • K-Bar model knife
    • Fragmentation grenades
    • Flares
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