Element Info
Romaji Kin
Classification Augmented Element
Basic Elements Earth

Metal is an augmented element and a form of Elemental Bending in Endless Utopia Online. It his the enhanced form of Earth.



Since Metal is an augmented form of Earth, it is a prerequisite to have learned and to have a decent control over the Prime Element.

Metal enables the user to bend metallic minerals to their will, such as gold, silver, iron, steel, mercury, etc... Non-metallic minerals can only be manipulated by the element Stone. Metal is a purified and refined version of earth, and this allows Earth-users to manipulate it. Since it needs to go through a process to separate it from earth, Metal is a harder element to learn than Stone, reason why most students generally learn Stone before Metal.

To learn to manipulate metal, a student first starts by trying to blend a piece of metal to their will. It is not recommended to use a weapon for this since it will render the weapon useless. After learning enough, a player should be able to deform already existing pieces of metal to their will, crafting weapons, and even use its opponent's weapons against them (this technique can only be countered by covering the weapon with Aera). Experts of metal can transform particles earth and harden them together to create metal. Masters of Metal can transform earth into any metal they desire. Players who also learn how to use Stone are able to transform rocks into metal and metal into stones.

Controlling metal should not be confused with magnetism, which is the ability to manipulate magnetic fields.


  • Hardness: metal, alongside Stone, are the two hardest elements.


  • Lightning: being a conductor, Metal is weak against Lightning.
  • Reliance on earth/stones/metal: since metal-users require an external source to use metal, they can be left powerless if they do not have any metallic minerals nearby, like for instance, in the sea. Players with enough experience can partially bypass this weakness by transforming nearby earth into metal.
  • Highly Purified Metal: controlling metal relies on using the metallic particles inside the metal to blend it. However, when metal is highly purified, such as platinum or Protosteel, it renders the material impervious to the technique.
  • Extreme Heat: extreme heat can melt metal.
  • Extreme Cold: extreme cold can turn metal brittle and ultimately shatter.
  • Vast sources of water: metal sinks in water. It can also rust metal, but this is rare to happen to users, however, unless they use a technique that lasts long periods of time.



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