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Mayden Dutton
Personal Info
Name Mayden "May" Dutton
Birthday December 3rd, 2003
Age 19 (Beginning of Aincrad Arc)
21 (Beginning of IRL Arc)
22 (Beginning of Arma 3 Online Arc)
Gender Female
Height 5ft 1in
Weight 140 LBS
Eyes Hazel
Hair Long Brown Hair
Place of Residence Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Student
Marital Status Single
Family [REDACTED] (Father)
[REDACTED] (Mother)
Serena Dutton (Aunt)
Player Profile
Display Name Sayori_Maple
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
ALfheim Online
Arma 3 Online
Occupation Bodyguard
Affiliation Aincrad Military Intelligence Sector 5
Partner Sean Michalek (SeanCityNavy)
Status Alive

Mayden "May" Dutton was born on December 3rd, 2003 to father [REDACTED], a Software Engineer for Microsoft and mother [REDACTED], a Kindergarten teacher for Seattle Public Schools.


Sword Art Online & In Real Life

Before the Character Change Mayden was a 5ft 9in white male, as to why this was the case is never explained by Mayden as no one knows about it. In real life Mayden is 5ft 1in with long brown hair and hazel eyes.


Mayden "May" Dutton was born in December 13th, 2003 at University of Washington Medical Center. In 2005 Mayden's parents died in a ten car pile up on the I-5 after coming home from Date night. Mayden moved to live with her aunt, Serena Dutton in Aberdeen, Maryland. However May doesn't understand why she can't live with her parents because she doesn't know they are dead, Serena only tells May that her parents are on a long vacation to Spain. In June of 2013 Mayden came across a News Article about her parents death to which she confronts her aunt about. After Serena explains everything 9 year old Mayden locks herself away from the world and develops severe depression.

In her Freshmen year Mayden tried to jump off the Aberdeen Skyway Bridge into the fast passing cars of US Highway 40 before being stopped by Sophomore Sean Michalek, who tells her that she had much to live for. May didn't like this but begrudgingly got down. After that however May started to stalk the mysterious stranger that saved her life that day, even following Sean to Tokyo after High School. However she never learnt the mans name.

Aincrad Arc

In Real Life Arc

Alfheim Online Arc

Arma 3 Online Arc

Gun Gale Online Investigation Arc

Augmented Reality Arc

Japan Ground Self Defense Force AI (A.L.I.C.E) Arc


As of the End of the Aincrad Arc

Sword Art Online Skills
Acrobatics Robbing Sewing First Aid Parry
590 / 1000
780 / 1000
945 / 1000
Blade Throwing Two-Handed Straight Sword Cooking Fishing
689 / 1000
309 / 1000
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