Golden Twin Swords

Maximus Caliburn

Maximus Caliburn-Diamachaerus

Weapon Info
Kanji マクシマズ カーリーバー
Romaji Makushimazu kārībā
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
Weapon Type One-Handed Straight Sword
Quest Maximus Quest
Unique Skill Dimachaerus

Maximus Caliburn: Dimachaerus Mode!
~ Galant

Maximus Caliburn or Maximus Caliburn Twin Swords is a legendary unique sword/s owned and used by Galant as his principal weapon in New ALfheim Online. It's counterpart is Deathcalibur.


Maximus Caliburn is a golden and silver sword with details in black and red, balanced and very powerful. It has a silver handle connected to a golden handguard with two protuberances coming out of it, which open wide while grabbing the swords and close while sheathed. In the middle of the handguard, there is a red jewel. The blade is silver and the edge golden.

This sword possesses the unique ability «Dimachaerus»(ディマチャエルス,Dimachaerusu), which allows the sword to split in two, therefore, the user can fight as a "Dual Blades" player. 


The sword was on floor 50th of Aincrad after completing the Maximus Quest, which consists of defeating hordes of enemies of higher Floors. The Sword is stock on a stone with an inscription that reads: "only the player that values friends and love more than his life can possess this sword".


Maximus Caliburn

Long Sword / One Hand

  • Range: Short
  • Type: Slash
  • Attack: 750-780
  • Durability: 1300
  • Weight: 170

Estimated Dimensions:

  • Handle Length: 15cm
  • Cross-guard Length: 15cm
  • Blade Length: 75cm 


  • The Dimachaerus was a type of Roman gladiator who wielded dual swords. This Latin name derives from the Greek word διμάχαιρος, meaning "bearing two knives" (di- dual + machairi- knife).
  • Caliburn was one of the names of the legendary sword, Excalibur, which was King Arthur's weapon.
  • Maximus Caliburn won the "Best Weapon" award in the polls of 2017 and was tied with Specter's Legacy in the 2019 polls.
  • Being one of the strongest weapons in-game, Maximus Caliburn was mean to be used against the final boss of SAO.
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