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Guild Info
Name Maverick
Kanji マーヴェリック
Romanji Māvu~erikku
VRMMORPGs End War Online
Founder Chris Walker
Members Vixen Cunningham

Dimitri Jäger
Octavia Victoria
Yamato Haseo
Michael Blenheim
Abigail Loveturn

Main Focus Make money
Base of Operations Halfen, Renskr
Previous Base of Operations Noslun, Renskr
Status Active

Maverick is a Human faction organization in End War Online.


Maverick was founded by Chris Walker to group together a band of mercenaries and bounty hunters with a common cause. This group turned into its own organization with the name being known well in the Human faction as a group of renegade guns who will take any job no matter the risk as long as the reward justifies the effort, and this single rule has made the group very successful, taking on missions that others would more than likely turn down.

Although they are considered a group, most of the members act as more freelance mercenaries, taking on missions on their own accord. Individual members are allowed to take on missions as they see fit, and are expected to contribute some of their earnings to the welfare of the rest of the group in exchange for the services the other members can offer, as well as inroads with others who could be of assistance in more missions. The entire group also shares an HQ that they can use on an individual basis to plan and prepare for missions, and it's there where they spend time with each other when they aren't out on missions. Each member of the group can also seek the assistance of another member for more difficult missions, and each member is expected to help out whenever possible.


Maverick consists of only 8 members, all of which are incredibly skilled mercenaries and/or bounty hunters, listed by rank.

1. Chris Walker

2. Vixen Cunningham

3. Dimitri Jäger

4. Octavia Victoria

5. Yamato Haseo

6. Lucy Kaldwin

7. Michael Blenheim

8. Abigail Loveturn

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