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Personal Info
Name Takeo Tohno
Kanji 遠野武雄
Birthday Unknown
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 128 lbs
Eyes Violet
Hair White
Player Profile
Display Name Majora
Kanji ムジュラ
Romanji Mujura
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Player Killer
Previous Partner Yamato
Status Deceased
Unique Weapon Nocturne


Voice Actor Akira Ishida

Power. That's all that matters in this world. And now... I have all of it.
~ Majora

Majora is a deceased player of Sword Art Online, and is the main antagonist of Sword Art Online: Last Light. He was the first player to contain and fully utilize Skeith


Majora wears a white short sleeved hooded jacket with a black and violet long sleeve undershirt along with two white gloves and two white bracelets. He also wears white pants with white, black, and violet shoes.


Majora took part in the original beta testing of Sword Art Online, and therefore, when in the released game, he knew many secrets that others did not, including within the beta testers. He had prior knowledge of Skeith before the game was released, discovering its existence in the beta tests. Seeing this as an opportunity, he purposely failed to mention the glitch to the developers, leading to Skeith being brought into the main game, making Majora responsible for allowing Skeith into Sword Art Online.


Originally, Majora was more or less caring of others, but could come off as uninterested in anything at first impressions. He preferred to do things his own way, and to him, the mission means everything, no matter what variables there may be.

After Majora acquired Skeith, he began to descend into insanity before discovering Skeith's true power. It's at this point that he gives in to Skeith and loses all sense of logic and reason, becoming obsessed with controlling Sword Art Online using Skeith to achieve ultimate power. This corruption would all but consume him until he completely loses himself to the point where Skeith kills him and gains its own consciousness from assimilating his own personality.



Majora was Yamato's best friend in game and in real life, and the two were inseparable partners. Majora, however, betrayed Yamato in an act that nearly cost Yamato his life. The two became sworn enemies from then on.


Sword Art Online

  • Level: N/A
  • HP: N/A
  • Main Equipment:
    • Nocturne
    • Skeith

Majora is a skilled and expert swordsman, easily overpowering most enemies. However, his true power comes with Skeith, being able to alter the game itself with its power. With Skeith, he is able to project digital weapons around him to attack enemies and corrupt and destroy them, known as Chasers. He comes to be able to use Skeith to its full potential, gaining limitless power but corrupting himself in the process. With Skeith at its maximum, Majora is nigh invincible at the cost of his sanity.


Sword Art Online

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