Element Info
Romaji Yōgan
Classification Combined Element
Basic Elements Fire and Earth/Stone

Magma (also referred to as Lava) is a combined element and a form of Elemental Bending in Endless Utopia Online. It is formed by merging together Fire and Earth or Stone.



Since Magma is a combined element, there are several prerequisites to learning how to use it. First, the user must have learned have a decent control over both Earth and Fire. Secondly, the user has to be as equally experienced with both Prime Elements. Lastly, the user also needs big reserves of Aera, and to have good control over it. Considering the first two requirements, this last one should be easy for the user to achieve it. Unlike most combined elements, which are formed by the combination between two Prime Elements, Lava can be created by combining Fire with Stone.

To create Magma, the user needs to focus on nearby earth and/or rocks and heat them up with fiery Aera to the point they become liquid. For this, it's necessary to achieve incredible temperatures. This is why players generally try to learn to control Lava within their vicinity before learning to create it with nearby earth/rocks. Skilled Magma users can create lava with nearby earth easily. Masters of Magma can start volcanic eruptions, rain down fiery rocks from the sky and create massive cracks on the earth to bring up magma from the mantle of the earth.

As the combined form of two Prime Elements which are naturally aggressive and strong, Magma is a powerful element, yet it can potentially be deadly for both the user and his opponent, even at the hands of an experienced user.

Reaching a temperature between 700ºC and 1200ºC, Magma is among the hottest elements.


  • Big Amount of Lava: similar to water, the bigger the amount of molten rock close to the Magma user, the stronger the techniques of the user become.


  • Overexposure to cold substances: the exposure for long periods of time to water, cold air, ice or similar substances can solidify lava, turning it back into stone.


  • As the combination of the two opposed elements, Magma can be seen as the opposite element of Ice.
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