Mage's Tower
Mage's Tower
VRMMO Information
Developer Indepenn Dextera (Whizad)
Release Date 9 November 2032
Genre RPG, Adventure
Usable Hardware NerveGear, Amusphere, Halcyisphere


Mage's Tower is the sixth game in the Xhilatren cycle.

The Mage's Tower is a magic academy housed in a massive tower in a secluded valley between lofty mountain ranges. Players begin the game here (conveniently, the tutorial for magic takes place in the magic academy). Graduates of the academy (and thus the tutorial) are sent out to combat demons, yoma, and other evil-aligned entities.

The world itself is generated as players explore further from the tower, and is reminiscent of the Skyrim series as far as village and dungeon generation.


  • "Right back to the old stuff. Shame on ID." - one star
  • "Magic is back with a bang!" - five stars
  • "This game's take on magic is just as radical as Sacred Clock's was." - four stars
  • "The laissez-faire attitude towards pking makes this game one-of-a-kind." - five stars
  • "The enemies are very cleverly coded." - four stars
  • "This feels like a setup for another game..." - three stars
  • "No company can have this much success. There has to be a bad game coming soon." - five stars


In a complete turnaround from Sacred Clock, this game is completely magic-based: physical combat alone is simply not viable against the mobs that inhabit this game.

Once a player completes the tutorial, there is nothing stopping them from attacking other players - unlike any other game, there are no safe zones anywhere in the world other than the Tower. Just because most don't does not mean that pvp and pking are not possible.



The devotion to magic in this game won back the players who left after Sacred Clock Online, and made dabblers into die-hard fans of ID.

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