MC-016A Mikoto Astray
General Data
Name Mikoto Astray
Kanji ミコトアストレイ
Romanji Mikoto Asutorei
User Hiroto Myoukouin
Design Base - MC-016P Mikoto Prototype
- PFF-X7 Core Gundam
- GN-001 Gundam Exia
- RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
- MBF-PNN Gundam Astray No-Name
- RM-011 Valvrave I Hito
- Ultraman Suit Seven, Zero
- Kamen Rider Zero One
Lore Builder Status Extensive Lore Enhancement
Technical Data
Classification Core Gattai-type General-Purpose Modular Combat Armor
Power Source Mikoto Drive Ver.A
Armor Material Mikoto Phase-Shift Polymer
Exclusive Equipment Mikoto Core Modules
Unique Systems Mikoto System
Core Gattai
Astray Burst-Rise (ABR) System
STATUS Ratings
Srength 5/10
Technology 9/10
Armor 7/10
Technique 9/10
Uniqueness 9/10
Speed 6/10

The MC-016A Mikoto Astray (ミコトアストレイ?) is Hiroto Myoukouin’s personal Armor Model, personally designed and built by him. Taking influence from the Core Gundam’s PLANETS system, Kamen Rider Zero One’s transformations, the Exia’s Trans-Am, and the Unicorn Gundam’s NT-D System, the Mikoto Astray is capable of modular loadout changes through the use of the Ichinomiya support satellite, as well as a “limit break” state through the Astray Burst-Rise system. Due to all the Armor Models in the Mikoto Core series sharing the same skeletal structure, parts of one model can be equipped onto another to replace a damaged component. For example, if the Mikoto Astray's arm was damaged beyond repair, it could eject the damaged components and call in replacement parts from the Mikoto Prototype to replace it. Performance may drop due to the mismatched designs, but Hiroto built the Mikoto Core models to have a similar enough internal structure so that the performance drop is negligible.

Technology and Unique Characteristics

Astray Authorize! Core Gattai: (Mikoto Core Module Name)!
~ Transformation announcement

Hiroto’s Mikoto Astray is an incredibly unique, incredibly powerful Armor Model. Its design bases feature all sorts of modular equipment, with major influences from the Core Gundam and Kamen Rider Zero One. The Mikoto Astray’s signature and titular Mikoto System combines the Core Gundam’s modular armors with Zero One’s satellite-based support and authorization scanning systems. Hiroto has several Armor Data Cards (ADCs) stored in his base armor’s thigh armor, each card containing data on one of his alternate Mikoto Core modules. When activated and scanned across his chest armor, the Mikoto Astray will authorize the deployment of the scanned Mikoto Core module, deploying a support drone carrying the additional armor to Hiroto’s location. From there, Hiroto can choose to keep the drone as a support unit he can independently manipulate, or he can proceed with the Core Gattai process and swap his external armor. The current list of Mikoto Core modules are as follows:

  • Ace Detective - Default balanced Core, no element
  • Heat Striker - Melee-oriented, Incendiary element
  • Frost Artillery - Long range arsenal, Boreal element
  • Bolt Blitz - Enhanced mobility, Shock element
  • Stone Shield - Enhanced defenses, Erosion element
Kakusei! Astray Burst-Rise!
~ Astray Burst-Rise activation announcement

Another system Hiroto installed in the Armor Model is the Astray Burst-Rise (ABR), which is based on the Exia’s Trans-Am and the Unicorn Gundam’s NT-D Destroy Mode. Due to the armor’s energy requirements, its power supply usually produces much more energy than the suit really needs in order to adapt to Hiroto’s sudden, high-speed fighting style. In order to avoid energy waste, the Mikoto Astray will absorb any excess energy it generates and store it in the ABR Charge Gauge. Once that gauge reaches 100%, Hiroto can activate the Astray Burst-Rise state, boosting the armor’s already-exceptional capabilities exponentially. It moves much faster, hits even harder, and can even project multiple attack trajectories to confuse its opponents. However, using the Astray Burst-Rise state pushes the armor to its limits, and could ruin the armor if used recklessly. In addition, it has a maximum time limit of 3 minutes before the ABR gauge fully depletes itself and the system shuts down. Once Hiroto leaves this Burst-Rise state, he is left vulnerable as his suit returns to its standard energy consumption levels. It should be noted that the only influence from NT-D is the limiter removal and enhanced performance; the Astray Burst-Rise system does not automatically target a specific type of technology, nor can it override remotely-controlled equipment that doesn't belong to Hiroto.


Using the Ultraman Suits and Kamen Rider Zero One as the basis, the Mikoto Astray is a lightly-armored model with a sleek black undersuit and various sections of armor outlined in different segments. Its gauntlets, shin armor, shoulder armor, and torso armor feature either an easily-replaceable construction or a series of hardpoints that allow the Mikoto Core armor modules to attach their specific equipment. The Exia’s circular chest armor is embedded in the center of the suit, housing the Astray Authorizer scanning device which communicates with Hiroto’s support satellite, Ichinomiya. Using the Astray Gundams and Valvrave I as the aesthetic basis, the Mikoto Astray features angular armor with an asymmetrical design in its color scheme; it has a colored stripe running down the left leg while the right leg lacks such a design. The mask is simple and sleek, using the Exia, Valvrave I, and Ultraman suits’ helmets as inspiration. A dark silver mouthplate with an angular visor based on the Seven and Zero suits, the Exia’s headcrest and ear parts, and a dark silver helmet to encompass everything together. The Valvrave I’s thruster systems are installed throughout the armor and hidden well, allowing the armor to achieve incredible mobility in space or in the atmosphere. The suit has a network of energy conduit lines normally hidden by the Mikoto Core armor plating, but the armor will expand to reveal these conduits as part of the Astray Burst-Rise. Different Mikoto Core modules equip different external armor to the base suit, all color-coded according to its corresponding element.

  • The default Ace Detective Core is mostly black and red, featuring dark silver segmented armor reminiscent of the Zero suit extending from its shoulder armor based on the Astray No Name. Additional armor retains the angular design outlined by the Astray No Name and Valvrave I.
  • The Heat Striker Core adds a fire pattern to the armor, removing the segmented plating on the shoulders and thighs in favor of sleek, angular armor and claw-like spikes on the shoulders and by the boots much like the Core Gundam’s Mars Armor. The Heat Striker Core’s signature weapons platform is mounted to the back and unfolds to deploy whichever weapon Hiroto needs.
  • The Frost Artillery Core switches to a blue color scheme, featuring arctic blue digital camouflage and all sorts of hidden weapons built into the armor plating. Its design more closely resembles the Core Gundam’s Earth Armor and the Exia.
  • The Bolt Blitz Core features a green and yellow color scheme with all sorts of lightning bolt patterns, a lightweight armor design reminiscent of the Core Gundam’s Mercury Armor and Zero One’s Flying Falcon form.
  • The Stone Shield Core has the heaviest armor of all the Mikoto Cores, trading mobility for defense and a brown and amber color scheme. Several jagged, crystalline patterns are found throughout the armor, with the armor itself closest resembling the Core Gundam’s Venus Armor and Zero One’s Breaking Mammoth form.


Hiroto has made several weapons for the Mikoto Astray, in-game and in reality. Most of his weapons have been stored in-game through Ichinomiya. Physical copies of his armor’s weapons are stored in a dedicated shelf in Hiroto’s room.

  • Astray Blade - The Mikoto Astray’s default weapon: a high-tech katana based off the Ultraman Suit Seven’s Specium Sword, Astray Red Frame’s Gerbera Straight, and Valvrave I’s Long Z-Edge. It resembles the Specium Sword the most, with a straight silver blade and grey and red hilt design. In-game lore dictates that the weapon is made of the same material as the Armor Model itself, reinforced with Mikoto Energy tech to give it its incredible sharpness. Hiroto always carries at least one of these.
  • CM2111 - A modular sidearm based on an M1911 pistol, it fires advanced ballistic projectiles with limited lock-on technology coated in Mikoto Energy. They deal a fair amount of damage, but aren’t meant for all-out warfare. Hiroto dual-wields a single pair of these.
  • Mikoto Rifle - Based on Valvrave I’s Volc Arm blaster, the Ultraman Suit ver.7.3’s EX-Rifles, and the Gundams’ Beam Rifles, the Mikoto Rifle combines the general design of the Volc Arm and Core Spray Rifle, giving the weapon a highly-modular design capable of firing crystalline projectiles or beam projectiles depending on the barrel attachments and ammunition loaded. Depending on the situation, Hiroto will wield either one or two of these.
  • Banshee Beam Cannon - Based on the Ultraman Suit ver.7.3’s Wide Shot, the Astray No Name’s B-Smartgun, and Unicorn 02 Banshee’s Beam Smartgun, this heavy energy weapon fires a powerful Mikoto Energy beam. Energy is stored in the back-mounted canister, which can be replaced once emptied. Due to the sheer power of these weapons, Hiroto only uses these when he’s involved in a large-scale fight that requires extreme firepower. When that time comes, he wields two of these with two extra canisters per Beam Shot cannon, then tosses them when they’re emptied.
  • MC-Exia Blade - Based on the Gundam Exia’s GN Sword, the MC-Exia Blade is a large gauntlet-mounted sword that can fold backwards to reveal a Mikoto Rifle that fires energy projectiles exclusively. The blade features an energy coating for high cutting capability. Despite its cutting capability and excellent use in close- to mid-range combat, its large size makes it unwieldy in areas with little amounts of space, such as a narrow hallway. The energy coating can deactivate to conserve energy consumption, though the MC Blast-Blade retains its functionality as a regular sword. Two variants of this weapon exist: one designed to mount to the model's right arm, and one for the left arm.

The following weapons are all exclusive to certain Mikoto Core Modules.

  • Heat Striker Core:
    • Exceed Buster Blade - A large, single-edged sword with a heated cutting edge used to simultaneously melt and slash through an enemy's armor. The hilt is placed at a slight angle from the blade, with said blade extending downwards in front of the grip to act as a handguard. Stored in the center of the Heat Striker Core’s backpack when not in use. Based on the Mars Armor’s Hard Heat Rev Sword and the 00 Quanta’s GN Sword V.
    • Scintillation Katana - An upgraded set of Astray Blades with superheated blades and a built-in thermal energy generator to achieve that effect. Held on moving arm joints positioned by Hiroto’s hips once equipped. Partially based on the Mars Armor’s Slash Blades.
    • Scintillation Shouto - A shortened version of the Scintillation Katana for easier handling or emergency deployment. Held on moving arm joints positioned by Hiroto’s hips once equipped.
    • Overheat Tomahawk - A set of throwing tomahawks with superheated blades that melt through armor. Stored inside the Heat Striker Core’s backpack. Based on the Mars Armor’s Heat Rev Axe.
    • Flare Beam Saber - Based on the Gundam Beam Saber, the Flare Beam Saber produces a superheated plasma blade contained within an electromagnetic field, allowing it to melt through whatever interrupts the electromagnetic field. The Heat Striker Core carries 6 total Flare Beam Sabers.
  • Frost Artillery Core:
    • Mikoto Rifle: Cryokinetic Assault Barrel - A barrel attachment for the Mikoto Rifle that changes it to an assault rifle firing Boreal crystalline projectiles.
    • Mikoto Rifle: Sub-Zero Sniper Barrel - A barrel attachment for the Mikoto Rifle that concentrates its energy into a powerful Boreal beam shot.
    • Absolute Zero Cannon - A large energy weapon which fires an Absolute Zero beam, flash-freezing whatever it hits and its surroundings. Saved for a last resort.
    • Frost Missiles - Several multi-missile launchers that launch missiles which freeze upon impact.
    • Integrated Cryo Bomb Dispensers - This Mikoto Core’s armor has openings which can deploy Cryo Bombs that freeze upon impact in addition to fragmenting.
    • Boreal Gatling - A set of rapid-fire weapons built into the gauntlets. They don’t do much damage, but they rapidly build up the Stasis effect.
    • Hail Buckshot - Another set of weapons built into the gauntlets, These act like ice shotguns, blasting ice projectiles at enemies for intense close-range damage.
  • Bolt Blitz Core:
    • Static Typhoon - A pair of rapid-fire weapons that deploy from the gauntlets. These fire electrostatic pellets at absurdly high speeds, laying down a suppressive barrage while Hiroto dashes around the field. They’re also the only weapons equipped to the Bolt Blitz Core, outside of whatever other weapons Hiroto wants to use.
  • Stone Shield Core:
    • Gatling Defender - A heavy shield designed to defend against all the damage types in the game, with an integrated gatling gun for offensive purposes.
    • Kinetic Buster - A smaller shield which opens up to reveal a portable kinetic bombardment weapon firing tungsten rods with a powerful, controlled surge of kinetic energy. Two of these are built into the gauntlets.
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