Lunastra Fatalis
Boss Info
Name Lunastra Fatalis
Kanji ナナ・テスカトリ
Romanji Nana Tesukatori
Epithet Thunder Brand Dragon
Location Unkown
Quest Bull's-eye Pillager (Event Quest)
Weapon Breath, Energy formed in hands and horns
Weakness Left Eye
Item Drop Frozen Compound Bow (Claimed By Aiken)

King's Golden Musket Iron Runner's Crossbow

Status Deceased/defeated

“Holy shit! That thing's huge! What on Earth were they thinking when they made this thing?"
~ Jinx

Lunastra Fatalis is an event boss in ALO for the new patch that allows projectile weapons such as bows. It makes an appearance in Chapter 4 - A Long Shot


400px-MH4-Zinogre Render 0016

Lunastra Fatalis's Shockwave attack

Electricty courses along the outside of his body, and a white mane covers the back of his neck and the front of his belly.  Two large, bent horns sprout from the top of his head and his chin is covered in smaller horns.  Two small eyes peek out from under a bridge of scales that make up his eyebrows and cover his ears.   Two ridges of golden colored horns outline his shoulder joints, and a cover of sharp ridges of the same color cover his lower arms and legs, creating a type of gauntlet for the massive beast.  His hands are equipped with deadly claws and openings in which electricity flows through.  His tail flattens out to create a type of spiked paddel that can send a foe flying.



An ALO player attacking Lunastra

Lunastra is the event boss for the event quest, "Bulls-Eye Pillager", a quest that appeared after the newest patch for ALO that allows players to use ranged weapons.  The Thunder Brand Dragon is capable of killing a player in just a few hits and his skin is rock hard.  In the beginning, assuming that his mane was the beast's weak point, Jinx attacked him in his chest, only to find that it was just as hard as the rest of his body.  Lunastra uses ranged attacks primarily, as the quest info box said.


  • Thunder Shot: Shoots a bolt of lightning from its mouth.
  • Shockwave:  Slams its hands against the ground, generating a wave of energy.
  • Fire Breath: Breathes blue-colored flames.
  • Lightning Ball: Generates an orb of electricity with its hands and throws it at its enemies.
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