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The Shrouded City
Location Info
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Aincrad (9th Floor)
Type City
The curtains had been pulled back to show the lamp posts twinkling through a veil of fog as the sky above gave over to dusk, turning the streets to a hazy dreamscape.

Lunaris is a large city in Sword Art Online. It is the main city of the game's 9th floor.

It is the base of operations for the guild Ursa Minor for the majority of the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


Lunaris is a large, heavily populated city located near the North-East end of the 9th floor. It's basic design is inspired by Victorian London, though some creative license has been taken to better fit the city in with the floor's Dark Elf theme and the game's fantasy setting.

Wide cobblestone streets are lined by multi-story stone buildings and dotted by bulbous lamp posts. Every so often a horse-drawn carriage can be seen running its route around the city, and can be hailed (for a fee) if a player is so inclined. The Teleport plaza is located at the city's heart, and the Theatre only a couple of blocks from that. Although it mostly hosts standard NPC performances, players can book the location for their own use. A (not-so-central) central park is located near the eastern edge of the city, just past a section of city cordoned off for some of the player homes available for purchase.

Lunaris is usually shrouded in fog during the evenings and nights, earning it the title of the Shrouded City.

Notable locations

  • Teleport Plaza
  • Theatre
  • Central Park


Misfortune Made Her Sword



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