Lightning Forme
Skill Info
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Category Unique Skill
User(s) Twanmi


Lightning Forme is a unique skill that can only be used by Twanmi. The skill is activated by holding his sword in the air for ten seconds, the sword then generates electricity that travels all over the Twanmi's body. This multiplies the user's dexterity by 3, multiplies his attack by 1.5, and allows the user to use a wide variety of lightning related sword skills that have no cool down time, so he can use them over and over again at will. The only downsides are that this skill only lasts an hour, and Twanmi is limited to only use the form's skills, and not any other unrelated skill. This skill takes 24 hours to recharge


  • Charge Strike - 1-Hit
  • Adrenaline Impulse - 1-Hit
  • Thunder Volt - 1-Hit
  • Jolt Slash - 1-Hit
  • Impulsive Defense - 1-Hit
  • Storm Slash - 2-Hit Combo
  • Lightning Swipe - 2-Hit Combo
  • Thunder Slice - 4-Hit Combo
  • Storm Strike - 6-Hit Combo


  • Twanmi


  • For the Lightning Forme's skills, the sword gets charged with electricity, instead of it glowing a bright color.
  • The three colors for this skill, Yellow, Blue, and Gray, depend on how high the combo for the skill is, and how much damage it deals.
  • Twanmi first revealed this skill to the public during the Floor 67 Boss Battle.
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