Element Info
Romaji Kaminari
Classification Augmented Element
Basic Elements Light or Fire

Lightning is an augmented element and a form of Elemental Bending in Endless Utopia Online. It is the enhanced form of either Light or Fire.



Since Lightning is an augmented form of both Light and Fire, it is a prerequisite to have learned and have decent control of either Prime Element. Having learned both elements will make the learning process quicker and easier.

If the player learns Lightning through Light, the user needs to focus on containing the Light energy charged for an attack and then unleash it at full speed. If the player learns Lightning through fire, the user needs to increase the temperature of Fire to incredible levels, creating plasma. If the plasma is stable, it will be easier for the player to use Sun, but if the plasma is unstable, it will be easier for the player to use Lightning. With time and practice, the player will be able to generate and control Lightning. The color of Lightning produced by a user can vary depending on the race. It can be white, crimson, skyblue, navy blue or yellow.

Lighting is an incredibly powerful element, but it is very unstable. It requires tranquility of mind and focus to control, especially when the player is on the first stages of learning. It also demands the player to have big reserves of Aera and to have great control of said energy. If the player learns to properly control it, it can easily be deadly for an opponent if used precisely. Masters in Lightning are able to call down lightning upon their enemies during a thunderstorm and some are even able to redirect lightning attacks or even natural generated lightning, but this puts intense stress on the body of the user.

Though it is probably the fastest of the nineteen elements, Lightning generated by players can never reach lightspeed. Similarly, it can never reach the temperature of natural lightning (which in real life is five times hotter than the surface of the Sun).


  • Conductors: Lightning is naturally strong against any natural conductor of electricity, such as Metal or Water.
  • Thunderstorms: during a storm, a skilled player is able to call down lightning. This is why lightning users typically go through the trouble of learning the element Cloud.


  • Insulators: the power of lightning is decreased if it comes in contact with an insulator.



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