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Legends Lost
Guild Info
Name Legends Lost
Kanji 失われた伝説
VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online
Founder Rapha
Main Focus Clearing
Base of Operations Resolute (21st Floor)
Status Active

They argue, fuss, and mock each other mercilessly... and I would be lost without them.
~ Rapha

Legends Lost is a small-size, high-level clearing guild in Sword Art Online. It was founded by Rapha and set its focus to catching up with the front lines shortly after the 15th Floor Boss raid. It is one of the main guilds in the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


The guild's emblem is that of a crystal ball. Like the guild's name, the emblem also takes inspiration from an old favourite song of Rapha's older sister.






The guild's main base of operations is a large stone mansion of a home nestled in the heart of the fortress town Resolute, one of the larger settlements on the 28th floor of Aincrad. The location was chosen by Tomas and Isane shortly after their addition to the guild. Ownership of the property was awarded to Rapha by the city's viscount following the guild's completion of the quest "What Discipline Achieves".

Known Members

Name Rank Role Status
Rapha Guild Leader Forward Alive
Neth Sub-Leader Damage-Dealer Alive
Sigurd Member Damage-Dealer Alive
Fritz Blacksmith Damage-Dealer Alive
Laty Member Thief Alive
Anita Member Tank Alive
Maverick Member Forward Alive
Tomas Member Tank Alive
Isane Member Forward Alive
Khyri Member Damage-Dealer Alive
Mazuri Member Forward Alive

Notable Achievements


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