League of Legendary Heroes
Guild Info
Name League of Legendary Heroes
Kanji 伝説の英雄のリーグ
Romanji Densetsu no eiyū no rīgu
Epithet Legendary Heroes
VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online
Founder Zeus Maximus
Members Zeus Maximus, Alexandra Gremory, Rias Akame, Grand Yami, Marina Pendragon, Arthur King, Akira Kuchiki, Jack Acer
Main Focus Kill the Demon Dragon Knight
Kill the Samantha the Succubus
Capture Floyd and Ken to join the guild
Base of Operations 75th floor
Allies Kazuto Kirigaya
Floyd Larr
Ken Yoshzimaru
Status Active

The guild was founded by Zeus Maximus and his Vice Leader Alexandra Gremory. The guild was used to bring peace to this world not being hatred all over the SAO.

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