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Last Remnant
Guild Info
Kanji 最後の残り
Romaji Saigo no nokori
VRMMORPG «Sword Art Online»
Focus Dungeon runs
Base of Operations Rovia
Status Active

«Last Remnant», fixed with the abbreviation «LR», was a mid-level guild in «Sword Art Online» founded by real-life friends. It was led by the MMO veteran Meian Tadaoki with a focus on dungeon exploration.


«Last Remnant» was founded shortly after «Brightscale» was established. By the time «Last Remnant» hired Airi Natsume to make use of her at-the-time-unique «Thieves Tools» «Composite» to help with their clearing of the «Dead Woods Mausoleum», which occurred on the morning of New Year's Day 2022, the guild consisted of five members, with two Tanks and three DPS.[1]

Notable activities

Dungeon runs

The modus operandi of «Last Remnant» was the mapping and exploration of the various dungeon-style locations featured throughout Sword Art Online, with a focus on the advancement of players not attached to the front-line community. They did this through publication of an in-depth strategy guide.[1]

The content of their guides were quite in-depth and featured:

  • Types of monster and strategies to overcome them.
  • Notable monster drops.
  • Renewable treasure chests.
  • Instanced dungeon secrets.
  • Traps.
  • Lore locations.
  • Quest branches.



«Last Remnant» owned a small two-story house within the confines of Rovia on the 4th Floor of Aincrad, which was located close to the teleport plaza. Its key feature was its proximity to the plaza itself: the guild members did not require the services of the resident gondoliers to get to the teleport crystal. The upper-story was set aside for guild lodgings whilst the ground floor featured a meeting area and printing press, which was where the guild produced their various dungeon guides.


Image Name Rank Weapon Notes
Meianprofile Meian Tadaoki
Online name: «Sasakibe»
Guild Leader Rapier Party role: DPS
Rikaprofile Rika Hirata
Online name: «Alisaie»
Author Mace Party role: DPS
Shinreiprofile Shinrei Musashibō
Online name: «Benkei»
Member Flail
Party role: Tank
Senkaprofile Senka Hase
Online name: «Risa»
Member One-handed Sword
Party role: Tank
Fujimotoprofile Fujimoto Fujiwara
Online name:«Johnny Bravo»
Member Two-handed Axe Party role: DPS

Author's notes

Behind the scenes

  • As with «Brightscale» various Bleach characters were used to portray the physical appearance of the characters in order to provide a similar aesthetic.


  • Last Remnant was the name of an RPG created by Square Enix.

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