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Lararl the Warmaster
Codex alera canim by ovek-d3lfh3e
Boss Info
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location The Grey Tower (71st Floor)
Quest Blood Song
Status N/A

Because we are at war. For now... it is polite."
~ Lararl

«Lararl the Warmaster» is the final boss of «The Grey Tower» campaign. He is encountered throughout the quest line, but cannot be challenged directly until the quest «Blood Song».

This boss appears in the fanfiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


Lararl is a nine foot tall bipedal wolf. He is covered in stiff dark fur, marred in places by old scar tissue, notched ears, and yellowed eyes. He wears a heavy armour set similar in appearance to other Warrior Canes, although his is decorated with so many blue stripes as to almost completely cover the lacquered black metal. He carries a massive blood steel broadsword in his right hand.






Lararl sports a single health bar, deceptive in that it leads to the assumption of his having less health than the penultimate boss of the campaign.

As an AI, Lararl possesses a learning algorithm, and is capable of adapting to a challenger's fighting style as the battle plays out. However, unlike most other such monsters, he is able to begin learning fairly early on in the campaign, so that by the time the player challenges him he has become a personal terror.

Known Attacks:

  • Lunge - Lararl rushes at the player at blinding speed and throws the whole of his body weight into them.
  • Turn the Blade - Lararl parries incoming attacks and retaliates.
  • Smash - Lararl attacks the player with a backhanded smash from his gauntlet
  • Hook and Toss - Lararl latches onto the player using his claws and throws their balance

Item Drops

  • «Misery's End» (Two-Handed Great sword - Rare)
  • «Warmaster's Honour Plate» (Massive Armour - Very Rare)
  • Canish fur pelt (Upgrade material - Common)
  • Warrior Cane's Sharpened Claws (Upgrade material - Common)
  • «Grey Tower Treasury Key»

Battle Music

Position Music - Villainous Empire

Position Music - Villainous Empire

Known Challengers


  • Lararl is based on both the Shuaran Warmaster of the same name and the character Varg from the Codex Alera book series. The quest line is very loosely based on the same book series.
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